The following characteristics should be seen as critical for a successful National Technology Officer:
1) A deep understanding of the impact of information technology in national social and economic systems as well as within the business of government.
2) A profound understanding of the breadth of Microsoft’s business, strategies and applicable business models
3) A broad technical understanding (Level 100/200) across many of the current and future technology policy domains:
a. Open Standards, Interoperability, Security, Privacy, Open Source, Wireless and Spectrum, Systems Architecture, Development Technologies, etc.
4) A demonstrated depth of technical expertise (Level 300) in at least one of the above mentioned domains
5) Demonstrated expertise in building and leveraging sustained relationships with:
a. Ministerial levels of government and their technology policy advisors
b. Leading academics and think tanks on issues of social and economic policy
c. C-Level executives and their advisors in the business of government
6) The highest levels of competence in public speaking and presentation skills
7) Significant experience and expertise in representing complex company or product strategies to members of the press and analyst communities.
8) Demonstrated competence in working within a virtual team environment and accomplishment of goals and objectives through influence of others not under direct management control

The NTO reports to the Country Manager. The NTO is a particularly demanding role which requires both internal strategic focus as well as a significant, 60% commitment to external engagements and relationship building.

Experience: 10+ years
Education: PhD / Bachelor's Degree
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: Must be experienced and proficient in the role of education in social and economic development and with the public sector (government, education, or public health) environment in general. Actual K-12 or higher education experience is highly recommended and preferred. Must be viewed within the Public Sector or within the industry as a credible, technical expert.



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