Governments and societies worldwide are increasingly recognizing the importance of developing their education systems to enable their economies and citizens to build sustainable economies and be able to compete globally. Within any country typically 15%-30% of the population are part of the education ecosystem - whether this be students, educators, administrators, education elites (incl. govt policy advisors) or government officials. This community has a huge impact on how technology is adopted and used to prepare the next generation work force and is central to driving social & economic advancement of governments around the world.

There are many internal groups across Microsoft with an interest in education, these are brought together under the leadership of the Subsidiary Microsoft Partners In Learning Education Alliance Leadership Team. For more information on the Microsoft Education Alliance please see https://infoweb/educationalliance

This team, under the guidance of the Education Leader, are responsible for ensuring Microsoft's success in approaching education as "One Microsoft", executing co-ordinated plans, exceeding our customers expectations and delivering against our goals of transforming education, fostering local innovation and creating jobs and opportunities.

What are key initiatives and challenges facing this role over the next six months to three years?
This leadership position will provide strategic leadership to the subsidiary for Education, management and execution of Microsoft's plans and other programs in education across the subsidiary including "dotted line" responsibility for Education Alliance v-team stakeholders. It will be the internal leader and external face of Microsoft's plans to help transform education and execute on its vision of " Help students and educators throughout the world realize their full potential"

What business results is this position accountable for? What are the key initiatives and challenges facing this position over the next 6 months to 3 years?
1. Leadership and management of a high performing education team (including virtual stakeholders) ensuring "all up" Education scorecard is green.
2. Winning share whilst growing revenue in responsible way - share growth larger than revenue growth
3. Becoming the “primary” trusted advisor and subject matter industry leader thus driving preferred brand perception.
4. Field execution as one single Microsoft Partners In Leaning Education Alliance team across all business divisions.
5. Ensuring that rich partner ecosystem is in place to support share goals.
6. Focus on compete.
7. Identification of market trends and technology requirements that helps ensure Microsoft is viewed as a trusted advisor to education elites and ensures Microsoft product teams are building the right solutions and products for market needs.
8. Fiscal Accountability - efficient management of budget and spend inline with plan.

In what ways and levels does this position affect Microsoft: department-wide impact, division-wide impact, domestic only, worldwide, etc.?
Geographical coverage is contained to that of the local subsidiary.

What are the key decisions that this job makes? What is the importance/impact of these decisions? On what decisions would this job need to defer to its manager or client?
1. The best way to build public/private partnerships with Ministries of Education and support via the wise utilization of scarce resources.
2. When to implement a program that drives share and perception gains and when to leverage trusted advisor relationship into revenue wins. Decisions that impact the balance between share growth and revenue contribution to MS and trade-off decisions escalated to Manager as required when outside of guidance.
3. Co-ordination and guidance to other internal groups and escalation if teams are not aligned on "One Microsoft".
4. Decisions that impact Microsoft's ability to delight our customers/partners.

To what extent is the position responsible for the strategy, design, development, roll-out or implementation of programs, products and/or services?
The Education Leader, his/her team & the Subsidiary Microsoft Partners In Learning Education Alliance Leadership Team (with the support of their Area HQ education team and Country Manager) determine the strategy for education within their subsidiary. They will be expected to leverage, adapting where necessary/permitted, the appropriate programs,campaigns & resources created at Area & Corp HQ.

How many MS direct reports does the position have? What are the job functions, titles, and levels of the direct reports? What kind of supervision and direction does this job give them? Does the job have review responsibility?
In medium category subsidiaries the PS Lead will be accountable for management of all resources and conduct employee commitment setting, MYCD and personal reviews. The Education Leader will support the PS Lead by providing day to day leadership and scorecard ownership & will be the go to person for corporate/area HQ on education matters.
In Medium Priority & Large Subsidiaries the Education Leader will manage a team of (minimum) 6 & 11 respectively.

How many contingent staff and vendor relationships does this position manage? What is the overall annual budget for both the contingent staff and the vendors managed by this position?
To be determined locally based on local needs/available budget.

What other internal communication/business relationships does this position have with management, direct reports, peers and positions outside immediate work group? What is the purpose/type of communication: data collection, negotiation, status reports, etc.?
As leader of the subsidiaries education efforts, and in addition to the relationships formed via the Subsidiary Microsoft Partners In Learning Education Alliance Leadership Team, strong links with Area HQ education and Business Group leadership will be essential and Corporate HQ teams where appropriate.

What type of external communication/business relationships does this position have with vendors, partners, press and etc.?
This role as the external face of Microsoft in the education eco-system and is expected to be able to confidently and persuasively be able to articulate our vision, strategy, products & solutions and programs at all levels.

What key stakeholders (positions, departments, and business functions) does this position rely on to achieve its goals? What key stakeholders does this position impact?
The leadership of the Subsidiary Microsoft Education Alliance Team is a critical one that will require close co-operation across all the stakeholders and involve working closely with the subsidiary Public Sector Director and General Manager to build customer (education elite), partner and Microsoft executive relationships that drive deeper strategic partnerships.

Is the position responsible for budget, revenue targets, cost recovery, or other business metrics? If so, for which metrics and how much?
Responsibilities include :
1. Achievement of education scorecard metrics (including share and revenue quota)
2. Achievement of General Manager scorecard "education mail metric"
3. Accurate forecasting and spend of any Marketing/BIF budget that might be allocated
4. Accurate forecasting and spend of Partners In Learning budget to achieve MOU commitments

Experience: 5 - 8 years related experience
Education: Master's Degree / Bachelor’s Degree (B.S./B.A.)
Field of Study (if applicable): Business Studies, Technology and Education
Training / Certificates: Proven education subject matter expertise.
Knowledge and Skills:
Leadership and management experience to guarantee the development of a high performing education team.
Sales skills with Large Accounts and ability to positively position Microsoft products versus competition
Proven competence of motivating dotted line reporting teams (DPE, COI, MSL etc).
Ability to win in a highly competitive environment.
Appreciation of both short and long term development needs (prioritizing share) to build trust and resilience to Microsoft technology platform.
Ability to work at multiple levels of organizations and adapt approach to any situation.
Ability to develop external partner eco-system to scale execution.
Comfortable with public speaking and the media.



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