Job Title: Facilities Officer
Department: Finance
Location: Abuja

Job Description:
Mail Management
•Process incoming/outgoing mails and ensure accurate documentation and update of mail administration database daily
•Follow –up on tracking of incoming and outgoing mails & parcels in transit via the net E-Transit track and communicate outcome to internal customers
•Ensure collection and delivery of mail services are timely and mitigate against loss of customers’ mails
•Facilitate and ensure availability of postage stamps
•Liaise with courier companies (DHL, UPS, etc.) to facilitate delivery
•Ensure timely processing of courier invoices
•Monitor performance of courier and freight companies and report loss/damage to supervisor promptly

Facilities Administration
•Ensure timely distribution, relocation and movement of office furniture and equipment
•Ensure timely ordering and distribution of office refreshments and consumables
•Interface with third party movers and freight companies used for relocation of offices, residences (West only), and for distribution of facilities items
•Utilise inventory system for tracking office furniture, equipment and household furniture and appliances, office refreshments & consumables
•Ensure proper handling  of courier airway bill for all domestic and international mails daily and ensure all bills are properly filed
•Perform quarterly spend analysis on consumables to ascertain spend per head per location, and recommend adjustments in quantity where required
•Provide periodic activity report to supervisor as may be defined
•Oversee the transit warehouse for Facilities items acquired for distribution to various locations or returned from various locations after use

Job Conditions:     Normal MTN working conditions Open plan office
Reporting To:     Regional Facilities Coordinator

Required Skills:
•A first degree in any science or business discipline
•4 years experience in logistics support/ administration within a structured environment

Employment Status :Permanent
Qualification:    A first degree in any science or business discipline

This vacancy expires on 17/8/2012



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