Roles and responsibilities
Primary customer interface for contract execution.
Provides direct line management for the SBMs (when the SBMs are assigned to the COM for more than 12 months)
Serves as one-stop-shop for the CT head / AM for services with focus on operational performance
Owns delivery and execution quality, risk and scope management, and supports pre-sales on small / normal cases, and triggering new opportunities (identify customer business challenges, up-selling, claims for out of scope deliveries, etc.)
Handles project and service related customer satisfaction;
Customizes and implements services delivery strategy in the CT according to the SBU and CT strategy / business plans;
Ensures contract execution performance (KPIs, cost, timelines, revenue recognition, project assets) – i.e., responsible for the project GS P&L
Coordinates all delivery/execution business in the CT
Implements unified operational processes (including Service Delivery Management practices)
Ensures implementation of NSN project management practices to fulfill Customer requirements.
Owns customer relationship management in the area of services, delivery and performance
Make certain projects comply with the quality guidelines and requirements of the CT
Aligns services resources and costs to current (running projects per approved CBLs) and future CT business requirements together with CT and SBU
Plans/communicates accurate figures for CT LE (Nelle and SAP)
Identifies/communicates services capability transfer needs to the SR-RMs of SBUs
Supports the CT for any cash collection issues related services
Serves as the Delivery project owner in the Tricorn model
Owns with logistics equipment ordering and supply to meet contract delivery milestones
Leads within GS the up sell (e.g., existing project, existing equipment, existing services) and small cases during execution

Day to day execution
Up selling during contract execution (focus on GS) - for cases < ~ € 300K
PRS accuracy and alignment to project milestones / customer acceptances - ensure accuracy of the financials
Management of Services Demand Planning process for a clear visibility of resource needs and allocations
Agreement with SR on financial target settings, reviews/deviation approvals
Support of audits / improvement action plans initiated by SBLs/ SR
[Support] Owns contract/claim management together with CTH/AM and ensure visibility in the organization
Use quality assurance to manage contract KPIs defined for the project
Coordinates [Support] logistics and ensure visibility on delivery and cost
Drive actions and statuses for the projects from the SBL PMs.
Implement GM turnaround /specific program practices initiated. [not only by SBLs – e.g. CO/GS/etc.]
Ownership of customer oriented ORMs. COMs are responsible for operational / financials reviews with the SR/Region/CT as needed
Execute the selection/development of Subcontractors per SBL plans
Sign off costing at G4/align with SR
Management of PTA process/changes in alignment with SBLs/SR
Execution of the PTA handover process with the CT head / sales team

Work experience
8 to 10 years



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