Job Position: Relationship Officer

Job Description
The Relationship Officer is primarily responsible for servicing and managing customer relationships under the Priority Banking program by engaging them, uncovering their needs and providing them with the appropriate products, services and solutions from the entire range of the Consumer Banking suite.
The Relationship Officer is responsible to drive profitable revenue and volume growth from their portfolio with a focus on new acquisition, deepening of existing customer relationships and cross sell thereby improving market and customer share of wallet with the Bank

Key Roles & Responsibilities
Relationship management
Manage and anticipate client requirements with a focus towards managing the existing base as well as increase cross product holding per client.
Build, understand and sustain relationships with the client’s circle of influence (e.g. a parent, mentor, advisor or other family member)
Consistent and frequent communication with client providing complete, concise portfolio valuations and guidance.
Serve as a problem-solver for the client, helping them identify investment criteria, recognise and handle concerns that arise as consultation moves closer to decision.
Provide ongoing portfolio supervision, with a continuous focus towards helping the client adapt to changes in personal circumstances and the financial environment.
Retain existing high value clients by growth of wallet with the bank through relationship management activities.
Resolve client queries without further escalation.
Effectively convert service recovery to sales opportunities and sustained client loyalty.

Customer / Business acquisition
Drive portfolio growth through new to bank (NTB) customer acquisition and increased product per customer (PPC) ratio for existing to bank clients (ETB).
Based on client profile, map client potential and work towards up streaming to Private Banking segment.
Customer engagement, needs analysis and consultation
Offer a consistent yet differentiated customer experience by offering holistic needs analysis and consultation to key clients in portfolio management taking ownership of all categories of customer service matters.
Gather competitive intelligence to determine what competitors are offering clients, product positioning and service offerings.
Continuously track market trends and ensure up to date knowledge of market offerings to be able to provide advice on potential financial planning solutions based on client needs.
Carry out suitability assessment of clients
Identify & partner with product specialists to provide expert advice across a wide range of financial matters such as retirement planning, estate planning, asset allocation, forex rates etc.

Risk management & control
Ensure meeting clients requirements while ensuring compliance with all regulations and controls as set by the Bank and external regulatory authorities by all staff.
Read, understand and comply with all provisions of the Group Code of Conduct.
Sound knowledge of all aspects of general banking, retail operations and credit operations / deposit and lending products / inspection and audit requirements, as applicable.
Awareness of all the policies and procedures issued in relation to money laundering prevention.
Ensure CDD compliance for all new to bank and existing customers.
Ensure zero operational loss and effective complaint management.
Effective reject management.
Report any suspicious transaction immediately to the supervising officer of Fraud Control
Ensure strict compliance and responsible for achieving and maintaining satisfactory audit rating.

Qualifications & Skills
•A thorough knowledge of the bank’s products, services and policies
•Must have product knowledge certification
•Competitive awareness
•Excellent financial market knowledge
•Strong customer service orientation
•Strong interpersonal and communications skills
•Salesmanship, energy and drive

•First degree



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