Job Description
This position involves performing duties related to the research and development of phosphate based fertilizers for various geographical areas.

Duties may include:
Planning and executing experimental work on phosphate based projects (e.g., designing the experiment; determining the viability and benefits; predicting variables; evaluating the results; summarizing the results in writing; presenting the results)
Serving as a technical resource for fertilizer production for other IFDC employees and outside parties (e.g., answering questions, assisting in proposal development, presenting papers at conferences)
Reviewing current literature regarding phosphate based fertilizers
Performing a variety of other related minor duties as required

Required Skills
Ability to apply knowledge of phosphate fertilizers, engineering, finance and computers in various stages of experimentation and proposal preparation (e.g., designing procedures, computing data, evaluating results)
Ability to communicate effectively
Ability to work effectively as a team member
Knowledge and ability to budget, plan and monitor the development of a project
Minimum of Bachelor's degree in applied sciences/engineering

Required Experience
This position requires knowledge of phosphate based fertilizers, as well as technical engineering, finance and computer operations. Such knowledge is used in designing, conducting and analyzing experiments.

Difficulty of Work
This position is responsible for developing new experiments including defining and designing the process to follow and the equipment to use; for advising outside parties on phosphate fertilizer technologies; for disseminating information on these technologies and for developing proposals for funding.  Published technical information, past experimental results, and past experience provide guidance to the incumbent's thinking process.  Results are presented in the format required by the requestor or editor.

This position is required to make decisions regarding the technical aspects of various phosphate technologies at experimental and industrial levels.  Detailed but mostly general instructions are received from the supervisor, depending on the nature of the project.  The supervisor reviews the work primarily upon completion.  Undetected errors may result in project budget overruns.

Personal Work Relationships
Most contacts are made with team members, supervisors, and outside parties while performing duties (e.g., providing information; explaining experiments).

Physical Effort and Work Environment
This position requires working in a laboratory.  Occasional exposure to hazardous chemicals occurs while conducting experiments.  This position is responsible for ensuring that proper safety procedures are followed when handling hazardous chemicals (e.g., wearing protective gear).  In addition, this position travels overseas.



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