Job Description
To ensure “end to end “ processing of Salaries and Domestic EFT transactions from the following range of services:
NGN Inflows and Outflows on all platforms available and Local Correspondent Banks Account management, while ensuring that quality service is delivered.

Key Roles & Responsibilities
•Handles and makes decisions regarding daily operational activities relating to Salaries and EFT processing to ensure compliance with operational procedures and regulatory controls•Ensure timely authorization of naira transfers on the CBN CIFTS (RTGS) system ensuring compliance with the CIFTS rules and regulations.
•Ensure timely authorization of transactions on ebranch.
•Authorize STS transactions and ensure all activities on the desk are closely monitored.
•Establish the strategic direction of Payments Unit, which reflects the business goals of the Bank.
•Ensure that the Domestic Payments Unit operates in accordance with the established operating procedures and risk requirements.
•Receive and respond to enquiries relating to Salaries and EFTs on a same day basis.
•Ensure that the GM and GM Ops are advised for all transactions on time for adequate funding.
•Establish the strategic direction for the Salaries and EFT Unit, which reflects the business goals of the Bank.
•Ensure that Salaries and EFTs are processed in line with the DOI taking into cognizance all risk requirements.
•Establish performance goals and complete regular written reviews of EFT Officers and the Payment Assistant.
•Co-ordinate with local Systems and Processes and Technical Services to ensure customer and business interests are properly represented in all Domestic payment activities.
•Control the day to day management and smooth running of the Unit.
•Maintain staff morale to improve productivity within the department.
•Undertake all Key Control Reviews as assigned.
•Daily review of Suspense accounts to ensure deposition of suspended items relating to domestic payment.
•Ensure daily review of Nostro Accounts (CBN, GTB, FBN, Bank PHB) and that outstanding entries are treated promptly.
•Manage, from an operations point of view, the bank’s relationship with local correspondent banks.


•Ensure daily review of our accounts with GTB, FBN, Access bank and PlatinumHabib Bank, checking that these accounts are adequately funded to cover all anticipated transactions
•Ensure that all lodgments into these accounts in favour of our customer are credited to the customers’ account promptly.
•Confirmation of all Up Country cheques issued from the branches and Head Office to our Correspondent banks to ensure prompt payment upon presentation.
•Ensure that cheque issued registers are maintained and that the registers are updated for all cheques issued.
•Maintaining very good relationship with our contact officials in these banks to ensure prompt handling of our transactions.
•To co-ordinate branch activities with respect to Salaries and EFT processing.
•Ensure provision of adequate MIS on Domestic payment transactions.
•Ensure customers complaints are investigated and responded to promptly.
•Reviews internal systems to seek ways of improving processes to ensure smooth workflows are achieved.
•Provides input to the development and enhancement of payment products especially as it relates to systems and procedures
•Performing other duties as may be assigned by the manager

Qualifications & Skills
1.Degree and relevant banking experience in banking operations
2.Thorough knowledge of local regulations
3.In-depth knowledge of SCB’s Payment policy manual.
4.Excellent written and verbal communications
5.Good analytical skills to analyze, interpret, resolve and change workflow and improve productivity.

In compliance with the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Act of 2004, all applicants should ensure that they have completed the mandatory NYSC programme. A discharge certificate will be required as evidence of completion of the programme. Where an exemption has been granted, a certificate of exemption will also be required



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