Tanker Operations Supervisor

Job opening ID     40
Work experience     5 -7 years experience
Skill set     Skill Level for the following key competences:
Cargo transfer operations, Navigation practice, Effective management of maritime risks, Safe marine passenger transfer.

Knowledge Level for the following key competences: Cargo quality and loss management, Demurrage management, Manage ports and berths, Knowledge of marine Regulations and Standards, Maintain integrity of export facility loading equipment ( mooring gear, hoses).

Qualifications and Experience Required: 2nd Deck Officer experienced in crude oil and petroleum product transfer by tankers. Class 2 Foreign going or Nigerian Master Home Trade or equivalent with basic understanding of all marine activities at the Forcados, Bonga and SeaEagle offshore terminals and the Forcados slot and Estuary production support marine activities. Experienced in working with tugs and risks involved with handling of large tanker mooring grommets and loading hoses. Good interpersonal and negotiating skills

Roles and responsibilities    
HSE-MS: Act as focal point for Maritime Safety at FOT. Ensures compliance with the MMG6 and Life saving rules at FOT slot jetty and Tanker handling operations offshore.

Ensures barge hydrocarbon transfer at the jetty is done safely and efficiently in line with COBRA standard. Conduct Safety Inspections and organise safety meetings.

Crude oil loading: Assist marine coordinator will all crude oil export planning, execution, cargo documentation, inward and outward clearing. Ensure Contractor staff properly execute crude oil loading without accidents/incidents or demurrage caused by SPDC marine operations, in line with ISGOTT /SIGGTO /OCIMF recommendations. Ensure Contractor staff assist with maintaining safe jetty personnel transfer and mooring operations. Execute MOB exercises.

Cargo Control and Documentation: Ensure staff complete all documentation in time without incidents, both Shell and 3rd parties.

Compile monthly Port Performance report and circulate as required. Co-ordinates movement of Export documents to/fro Tankers and to/fro Export & Shipping in PHIA.

Maintain Integrity: Ensure staff completes pre arrival and departure checks of mooring/loading equipment. Ensure staff inspects line boat towing and SPM handling gears before each loading.

Provision of Marine Support: Responsible for arranging water transportation for movement of materials and ensuring on time delivery of the materials from/to Ogunu. Inspection of all support vessels three monthly and assist with follow up close out of action items. Ensures seaworthiness of vessels visiting or based in FOT through premob validation.



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