Title: Senior Completions Engineer
Employer:    Hobark International (UK) Limited
Location:     Lagos, Nigeria
Reference Code: 5655HIL

Responsible for offshore/onshore well completion planning. Ensure completion plans
are suitable for the well.
 Responsible for supervision of execution on the rig as needed.
Ensure optimization of completion plans.
Write detailed completion programs for all well types
Hold planning meetings, CWOP's etc. and ensure actions are taken to mitigate all risks in the program.
Visit contractors and ensure tool selection is correct and meets all QA/QC requirements.
Ensure database is properly updated and useful for obtaining completion planning information.
Monitor completion performance and provide benchmark statistics to ensure completions are time and cost effective.
Provide charts of well completion performance for daily review, and engineering reports for the company as well as reports for NAPIMS and DPR.
Establish completion KPI's and monitor NPT performance.
Provide detailed scope of work for completions and related services as needed for tendering or contracting purposes.
Ensure completion contracts are valid for all jobs planned.
Mentor drilling and completion engineers.
Ensure proper and detailed research of offset data for completion of wells.
Ensure well completion plans are feasible and meet HSE and technical standards.
Ensure timely provision of completion programs.
Ensure proper QA/QC is carried out on all completion equipment.
Improvement of completion practices
Ensure all completion info is tracked and database properly updated.
Ensure accurate completion performance data is provided for records.
Ensure completion performance data are updated regularly as required.
Ensure all required reports on well completion implementation are distributed to relevant persons daily.
Ensure completion component of ''End of Well'' reports are written, detailed and accurate.
Ensure NPT performance targets are met in well programs.
Education Qualification: BS degree in Engineering (minimum)
Professional Qualification: Member, Society of Petroleum Engineers. Member IADC. Attended industry courses in well engineering, well operations management,
project management.
Experience > 10 years
Functional/ Technical: Good technical knowledge of well operations. Initiative to proffer solutions to technical problems. Sound knowledge of IADC/API guidelines for well operations. Knowledge and understanding of relevant regulations
applicable to testing and completion operations.
Managerial: Supervise subordinates, rig operations, service companies; make presentations and facilitate meetings.
Behavioural: Good interpersonal skills, communications and organizational skills are essential.


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