Job Title: NSMC Engineer BSS
Location: Lagos

Job Description: 
-Provide 24*7*365 network management; faults detection, analysis, troubleshooting, escalation  and resolution of all Base Station Subsytems  or Nodes  Such BTS, BSCs and Power Equipments(Intrusion, Rectifiers etc)

-Activation of newly integrated BTS sites, Nodes (core element) after normal working hours, weekend, public holidays in ensuring optimal network performance and meeting business objectives and plans at all times
-Detecting, Diagnosis and acknowledging of all alarms from all Base Station Subsystems Nodes or Elements
-Real Time Performance/Management of all Base station Subsytems network elements for effectiveness and provision of daily reports for the next action to be carried out to improve network quality.
-Perform routine maintenance on all BSS network nodes across the country.
-Assume responsibility for correctly forwarding trouble tickets issued against all MTN Staff, other GSM providers, and MTN contractors. Also ensure that those tickets are resolved within specified period
-Identifying the malfunctioning of BSS network element for overall efficiency and trouble spots using various management tools such as Ericsson TMOS, Huawei iManager M2000, REWSS, REMEDY etc.
-Escalate all unresolved faults to the NSMC Co-ordinator if necessary
-Act as interface and also provide access ref number to MTN Contractors, Field Engineers, Operational Maintenance Center Engineers and other GSM/PTOs companies for planned work/change request and access to all MTN Location
-Hands on resolution of faults on Radio Access Nodes (BSC, BTS and Transcoder).
-Perform NSMC duties as instructed by NSMC Co-ordinator, e.g., correlation of outages, reporting, follow-up and resolution of specific network faults.
-Escalate all faulty devices or hardware detected after troubleshooting/diagnosing (which cannot be resolved remotely) to the field support engineers (Radio, Transmission, ESS and others) for replacement in order to improve network performance.
-Provide real time security information to all regional security offices across the country in order to protect all MTNN equipments through real time network surveillance
-Provide ideas and feedback on software tools, procedures and improvements to NSMC functionality.
-Provide Ideas  and Feedback on Network Status  to the Relevant Planning Units  based on specific KPIs  such as Processor Load e.t.c,
-Assist Capital program group engineers/Radio Engineers/Optimisation and support personnel with troubleshooting/diagnosing and resolution of BSS Network  faults.
-Ensure proper management and implementation of all network changes according to the organisation process and procedures
-Provide regular update on MTNN performance and other network issues to the all the stake holders( Management(escalation unit, sales and distribution, customer relations, marketing and other relevant department in MTNN
-NSMC Shift Hand-over procedure is strictly adhered to
-Any extra duty as given from time to time by the NSMC Co-ordinator.

Required Skills:
-B.Sc Electrical Electronics /Computer Science/Engineering or a related field.
-UNIX, CCNA certification beneficial
-At least 4 years work experience comprising:
-At least 2 to 3 years hands on experience in light current, telecommunications or a related field.
-Experience in GSM switching environment preferably working on Ericsson, Huawei and Siemens switches is desirable

Method of Application:
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DEADLINE: 4/12/2013


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