Job Details    

Manage the operations of contractors and external visitors and ensure that they comply with safety guidelines.

Advise on OHS trends and indicators.

Develop programs and plans to achieve OHS objectives.

Consult with external authorities and other industry/company experts in order to keep abreast of regulatory changes and industry best practice.

Monitor and inspect fire infra facilities and ensure reliability in event of fire emergency.    

Conduct routine drills to test Emergency preparedness for all likely emergency scenarios. 

Provide first aid facilities and ensure that first Aid replaceable kits are up to date, available and accessible.

Provide and maintain Walk ways and ensure that vehicle and Pedestrian walkways are not obstructed.

Provide and maintain clearly marked muster and fire assembly points and ensure that they are always free of obstruction.

Issue Work Permits for Hazardous tasks.

Provide Timely logging of incidents and ensure closure in the IMCR Database. 

Provide PPE for workers and adequate storage facilities.     

Conduct inspection of forklift trucks and monitor the activities of forklift operators.

Conduct safety inspections of material handling equipment.  Ensure safe warehouse stacking of materials and finished products.

Conduct toolbox talks and pep talks. 

Inspect all modifications and installation plant and equipment before commissioning.

Conduct regular inspections and monitoring of the premises.

Conduct Safety inspection of equipment including machine safeguarding, portable electrical devices.  

Conduct routine inspection of first aid kits and facilities.                                                                                                  

Develop, implement and maintain a Safety Management System on KORE and OHSAS 18001 Standards.

Prioritise and provide advice in a timely manner on OHSAS 18001 implementation.

Supervise the Plant’s Health and Safety program.

Facilitate internal audits of the safety management systems.

Seek out and/or provide Health & Safety problem solving ideas and solutions in response to issues identified that reflect best practice within the company or industry.

Review all safety rules on a regular basis and, where necessary, recommend suitable changes.

Investigate all accidents and damage to Plant property, identify root causes and recommend action to prevent re-occurrance.

Ensure timely and accurate submission of Safety reports to plant management and to Head office.

Maintain accident records and other safety documentation.                                                                                                                                                                              
Education level     HND/B.Eng (Mechanical/Electrical Engineering)
Experience needed     5



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