Subsea Supervisor
Employer: Oscar Associates Limited
Desired Expertise: Subsea Engineer
Experience: 7+ years
Minimum Education: Tech/Vocational Cert.
Location: Nigeria

Job Description:
An International Operator is actively seeking a Subsea Supervisor to manage the deepwater subsea completion operations that are in west Africa. This position is offered on a 4:4 rotation basis.

- Guarantee the accomplishment of the drilling and/or completion and/or work-over operations, in compliance with codes of practice, safety and environmental protection, all while optimising costs and lead times
- Ensure the suitability to operational requirements of personnel, equipment and services
- Contribute to the return on Exploration & Production investments, through a continual search for the improving equipment, services and operational procedures

Key Tasks:
- Prepare operations programs
- Produce the technical and operational synthesis
- Ensure follow-up of operations
- Draw up operating procedures
- Conduct studies to improve performance
- Optimize activities of service providers and assess their performance
- Ensure the respect of safety rules and frames of reference
- Anticipate needs and organize supply
- Propose technological innovations
- Contribute to improving skills and know-how
- Participate in R&D projects
- Evaluate job holders
- Prepare budgets
- Participate in the training of job holders
- Implement operating structures

- Perform preparation and follow up of the Subsea sections of well programs.
- Prepare, supervise and execute interventions on Subsea assets including installation/retrieval of XT, Tubing Hangers, completions and ROV intervention operations in line with objectives and rules.
- Liaise with contractors & Company Reps to ensure work obligations carried out satisfactorily at offshore site.
- Monitor and drive safety compliance of sub-contractors and tools/equipment in performance of program
- Prepare and issue work instructions to sub-contractors to facilitate execution of XT/TH installation/intervention programs in line with objectives and rules
- Ascertain equipment fully functional & available for operations. Maintain Subsea equipment in a state of readiness
- Initiate procurement and periodic maintenance and refurbishment/repair of equipment.
- Support onshore mob/demob, preparation, refurbishment and/or repair of subsea equipment / running tools.
- Ascertain sufficient spares and materials to execute offshore programs.
- Prepare and issue routine technical communications, reports and Operation summaries /debriefs /Lessons learned
- Provide technical advice on specific area of technical expertise and troubleshooting problems for operations.
- Participate in small task forces, Cause Tree Analysis sessions to resolve engineering/technical issues
- Analyse program execution, identify defects and inefficiencies, and propose optimisations and remedial actions.
- Participate in preparation of EOCR and End Of Well Reports and well handover dossier to Production team

Initial formal Education: Tech. Diploma
Professional Experience (number of years): 10 yrs minimum
Other (prior Experience desirable): Deepwater offshore experience, Vertical XT experience, Subsea Controls experience, Completion experience


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