Job Description

Procter & Gamble Nigeria Limited offers an exciting training opportunity for university under-graduates.

We offer under-graduates the opportunity to see what life after school really looks like. Not only will candidates learn, they will work side-by-side with full-time employees, solving the problems that currently face the company. We will provide all necessary guidance and coaching; however, we expect our interns to work effectively without supervision.

Business Contributions Will Include:
Developing and improving capability and systems at our manufacturing plant
Supporting various initiatives/projects

Leading investigation of machine breakdowns and quality outages.

Training Opportunities:
Interns will have the opportunity to participate in training programs with full-time employees. They will be assigned coaches/buddies from the day of resumption to monitor their progress.

We are looking for Electrical/Mechanical/Industrial Engineering students. We also have openings for Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, and Industrial Chemistry our QA laboratory.
We will only accept candidates with high integrity and a passion for doing the right thing.
All interns must be fluent in English (written and verbal).



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