Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Job Description
• Delivering quality service to customers via efficient and accurate processing while projecting a professional and warm image in all interpersonal dealings.
• Ensuring that there is water tight cash controls in place at all times.
• Ensuring that Branch System Uptime is maintained and system admin functions.

Key Roles & Responsibilities
• Supervision of the processing of all daily cash site transactions for deposits into current and fixed deposit accounts (Involving cash and cheques) and handling associated customer interactions/inquiries/complaints to a specified standard of quality.
• Ensure that Cash is moved to the Central Cash regularly in order to keep vault balance at minimal level.
• Cash site transactions are posted next working day latest.

• Ensure the Teller’s cash have been balanced daily, tellers registers updated, checked against screen balances and traced / agreed with the General Ledger the following morning.
• Ensure that the Vault Cash (local), has been balanced daily and traced / agreed with the General Ledger the following morning.
• Bank Cheque books are examined and blank forms remaining verified each day.
• Transactions held over are recorded and traced the following day
• Cash custodians must check tellers’ boxes and cash areas when locking tellers away each day to ensure that no cash is left out
• Entries relating to drafts issued are traced to the General ledger from the draft Counterfoil each day.

Qualifications & Skills

- Minimum of first degree
- At least 4 years banking experience in operations roles.


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