The Global Forum on Youth Policy emerges from the need to provide a physical platform for youth policy stakeholders around the globe to discuss and respond to the key questions outlined above. The Forum will be a true global expert gathering of around 700 youth policy practitioners to give a new impetus to evidence-based, inclusive, participatory and effective youth policies.

The Forum seeks to address these five key objectives:

To advance a current overview of the state of youth policy and a reflection on the social and developmental role of youth policies, particularly in view of the post-2015 period;
To develop a common understanding of the needs for and rationales of systemic and cross-sectoral approaches to youth policy;
To share experiences and examples of participatory and evidence-based youth policies, their ration-ales and realities, their successes and shortcomings;
To build a common understanding of guiding principles for integrated youth policy development and of the dynamics between concerned stakeholders at different levels;
To share plans for follow-up and to develop a shared commitment to take youth policy forward.

Eligible candidates for these 200 ‘open spots’ include:
• Youth policy practitioners;
• Youth activists and members of youth movements working on youth policy;
• Representatives/experts of youth-led organizations, civil society organizations, and networks
working on youth policy;
• Research experts from institutes, universities and think tanks with a focus on youth policy;
• Development experts from organizations, agencies and institutions in the youth sector;
• Programming experts from donors active in supporting policy change in the youth field.

Applicants should:
• Preferably be aged 18-35;
• Be able to communicate professionally in English;
• Be experienced in formulation, implementation and/or monitoring of youth policy at the
national, regional or global level.
The call further specifies eligibility and selection criteria.

For inquiries,email:  applications@youthpolicyforum.org

To apply, submit your online application by August 27, 2014.

For more information,visit; http://www.youthpolicyforum.org/

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