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Standard Bank is recruiting to fill the vacant position of:

Job Title: Branch Manager- Kontagora
Job ID: 12661

Location: Kontagora, Niger

Employment Type Full Time - Permanent

Position Description
Job Purpose
Ensure that customers consistently receive a high quality service by efficiently managing, developing and using all available resources (i.e. staff, systems and processes) and ensuring that a strong, customer-focused service culture becomes entrenched in the service centre. To ensure that customers are migrated to more appropriate and cost-effective channels, that cross-selling opportunities are identified and actioned, based on customer needs. Proactively identify and assess the risks faced by the centres and reduce the overall exposure by maintaining an effective system of controls. Ensure the effective rollout of change management initiatives to the service centres. Maintain a high level of integrity and ethical standards.

Key Accountabilities:
Customer service:
Set and ensure that service standards are maintained, in line with differentiated requirements of the market segments.
Ensure that customer needs are anticipated and met through provision of appropriate products and services via the most suitable channels.
Ensure that the centres strive for continuous service improvement.
Convene regular customer discussion forums and action the results.
Maintain awareness of serious customer complaints and attend to resolution.
Ensure that opportunities for migration of customers to more appropriate/cost-effective channels and migratable teller/enquiry transactions are identified and actioned.
Ensure efficient, customer-orientated telephone procedures.
Discuss staffing requirements as predicted by Branch Scheduling Tool (BST) with Provincial Productivity
Ensure BST schedule adherence for all reporting Service Centres
Management of service improvement
Manage the customer problem resolution process and ensure the accurate logging of information.
Set and monitor turn-around times for resolving customer queries and complaints.
Ensure that problem root causes are resolved by facilitating corrective action and regular liaison with support entities (including issues relating to ATM and Auto E terminals).
Ensure that service measurement is maintained and action adverse trends.
Implement service recovery to facilitate customer retention.
Ensure that customers provide/have provided documentation as required in terms of FICA/KYC legislation
Management of responsive sales and relationship management
Develop sales and relationship management plans to achieve responsive sales targets for the centers.
Manage the sales and relationship management tracking system and provide feedback and coaching to the team.
Identify different local market segments prevalent in geographical area and keep up to date with changes/developments.
Drive the lead referral system.
Coach the responsive relationship management team on product knowledge, cross-selling opportunities and assist subordinates in generating meaningful and value-added solutions for customers resulting in maximum business development.
Ensure the territory where the branch is situated has adequate feel of the bank and its products
Management of credit and operational risk
Identify the major risks affecting the centres and ensure that the necessary steps are taken to measure, monitor and manage these risks.
Recommend revision of internal controls to provincial operations where appropriate, to address new or previously uncontrolled risks.
Manage assets, eg cash and cost accountabilities, with emphasis on the containment of controllable costs.
Manage and ensure overall operational readiness/efficiency of the centres’ infrastructure (including premises, ATMs, systems), physical security, opening/closing procedures and operational issues such as fraud, losses and differences.
Ensure irregularities highlighted in routine control reports are attended to.
Co-ordinate the checking of centre tellers/treasury/blank forms.
Complete monthly centre housekeeping checklist.
Report premises/equipment issues to regional operations.
Ensure that an effective control structure is maintained, with control activities defined at every level and duties appropriately segregated.
Ensure that levels of authority and limits of access to information/systems are adhered to.
Ensure that all routine controls relating to new business are effectively applied.
Ensure compliance with OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) requirements

People management
Delegate authority and responsibility in line with business objectives and service standards to ensure the empowerment, motivation and effectiveness of all subordinates.
Monitor and manage the performance and development of subordinates to ensure sustained profitability, compliance with the Code of Banking Practice, internal controls and overall well-being of staff.
Prepare a flexible staffing plan to meet service/sales demands in the centres, taking into account local conditions, resourcing options and costs.
Overall staff complement to be in line with productivity measurements. – Branch Scheduling Tool
Visibly assist the centres in achieving targets and standards of performance by providing consistent encouragement and guidance.
Ensure that equity requirements are met and transformation initiatives supported.
Identify strengths and development areas and ensure tat subordinates receive the required coaching/training
Turn-around times for processing and one-on-one customer interaction in terms of segment standards, efficient service.
Control operational losses and minimise risk compliance with laid-down instructions and effective management of credit risk, physical security etc.
Costs contained within budget.
Availability of ATMs and within target, site cleanliness requirements met, minimal vandalism.
Increased cross-selling ratios.
Effective migration of customers/transactions to more appropriate channels.
Requisite stationery and cash supplies held.
Effective, customer-orientated telephone management.
Retention of satisfied, well-informed customers as measured by Customer Evaluation of Bank Service (CEBS) ratings.
Staff effectiveness and motivation Postive findings of Inspection Compliance reports

Required Skills and Qualifications
Staff Minimum of a 2.2 B.Sc degree in any relevant course.
Thorough knowledge and understanding of market segmentation and management.
Knowledge of Personal and Business Banking products and services.
Knowledge of the country’s Personal and Business Banking Strategy.
Knowledge of sales and marketing theory and principles.
Knowledge of business and financial management principles and practice, including business economics.
Knowledge of risk management and credit principles.
Knowledge of the bank system.
Knowledge of branch transaction processes.
Knowledge of distribution channels.
Knowledge of human resources principles.
Knowledge of Public Sector market

Minimum of 7 years banking experience with a minimum of 3 years within relationship management and sales.
A seasoned Banker with wide banking experience.
Experience in managing a diverse range of people and activities are essential.

Required Competencies
Ability to communicate clearly verbally and in writing when interpreting and explaining information relating to business plans, strategy, product benefits, service provision etc. to branch staff and customers.
Good presentation and negotiation skills.
Ability to convey factual information clearly.
Ability to question, probe and clarify information in a diplomatic manner.
People management skills, including teambuilding, motivation, team goal planning and the ability to use team expertise to full advantage.
Socially confident, quick to establish rapport, able to maintain good relations even when communicating disagreeable information to customers.
Ability to reinforce standards and objectives.
Ability to adapt readily to changes in systems and procedures, and encourage others to do the same.
Logical thinker – has a clear, focused and methodical approach to work.
Results-orientated, strongly motivated to achieve, adheres to deadlines.
Customer service-orientated.
Team player – approachable, receptive to ideas/feedback from subordinates, superiors and customers
Assertive – able to handle conflict, stand by principles and put forward ideas despite opposition.
Tough-minded, rarely upset by criticism, able to retain optimism despite setbacks.
Self-motivated and energetic.

Application Closing Date
July 17th, 2014


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