Nigerian Foundries Limited (Maintenance Engineer Manager )

Job description
Undertakes with his team scheduled and breakdown maintenance of foundry equipment and plant which include induction furnaces, diesel generator, hydraulics, conveying systems, electronics etc
Their work involves checking, repairing and servicing machinery, equipment, systems and infrastructures.

The work typically involves:

  1. planning and undertaking scheduled maintenance using dedicated software.
  2. responding to breakdowns in timely manner
  3. diagnosing faults
  4. repairing equipment
  5. supervising engineering and technical staff
  6. obtaining specialist components, fixtures or fittings
  7. maintaining statistical and financial records
  8. ensuring compliance with health and safety legislation
  9. creating maintenance procedures
  10. managing stocks of supplies and equipment

Shift and 'on-call' work may be required, particularly where manufacturing equipment is in continual 24-hour operation.

Desired Skills and Experience
A BEng, particularly in electrical, manufacturing, mechanical or production engineering is necessary for entry. About 10 years appropriate work experience in foundry or related industry is also necessary.

Key skills
Working well under pressure
Good verbal and written communication skills
Relevant technical knowledge
Relevant computer skills and Autocad


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