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Job Title: Security Manager

Abuja, Lagos

Job Field
Security, Intelligence

Job Summary
The Security Manager is a key position that manages the security workforce locally and serves as the security liaison to the Region Security Team, working as the first point of contact for the facility security matters within the country, Nigeria.  The Security Manager oversees security management on ground and the country office in Nigeria. He is also responsible for assessing the threat, vulnerabilities and risk assessments as well as security networking with INGO’s, US Government and UN and overall security management.  The security manager also assumes the duties of the Security Focal Point.

Key Responsibilities
Monitor all access control related duties and include maintenance of the Foundation and building visitor management system - VMS
Undertake reporting and record keeping of all security related operations
Monitor, respond and report to the Regional Security Advisor and Seattle Operation Centre any prohibited and dangerous items
Handle emergency, critical incidents and related reporting
Maintain security related equipment and systems and undertake reporting and record keeping related to security operations and inventory control
Support the appointed fire warden for the office, maintaining up to date knowledge and qualification and undertake security management of facility related issues
Supervision of the guard force that provides protection to all foundation facilities, assets and drivers
Preparation of driver and guard orders, deployment of drivers and guards.  Maintaining the weekly guard and driver schedule
Conducting inspections of the guards, guard post, drivers, vehicles on a daily basis
Security investigation and investigation of irregularities
Preparing reports and making recommendations discipline and termination actions
Overseeing the driver and guard training programs to ensure effectiveness
Assumed tasks of the Security Focal Point
The security focal point is a staff member in a country office who has some degree of responsibility for security in the absence of a full time security professional
Assist the Regional Security Advisor to prepare, maintain and update the country office security contingency plans
Undertake reviews of individual security procedures and policies as requested and make recommendations to the Regional Security Advisor
Deliver security orientation, explain policies and procedures and the related security roles and responsibilities. This briefing must include the Country Office Security Contingency Plan and should be done within one week of assuming duty.
Collect and disseminate all incident report data
Ensure that appropriate systems are in place to effectively disseminate security information and updates the security situation to security staff
Assess communication needs and requirements and recommend improvements to the Regional Security Advisor
Submit security updates to the Regional Security Advisor upon request

Must have a First degree or Post Graduate degree in any Security Management discipline.
Must have minimum of 3-5years professional working experience in a similar role for a reputable security organisation
Must be perceptive and should have an excellent communication skill
Must have the ability to lead and manage a team.
Ability to gather and analyse security information

Interested Persons should send CV and Application to

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