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Bradfield Consulting is equipped not only to attract excellent personnel but to ensure that they are improved and empowered to deliver on every client’s strategic intent/organizational goal. Our value is to assist in getting rid of all inconvenience associated with recruitment; plus reducing unsuitable employees either via skill or culture. And more… all this would be done within concise turn-around time. Beyond this, we package and deliver quality trainings to help prune your employees to deliver efficiently.

Job Title: Security Personnel

Job Description
Supervise and oversee security functions in the organization.
Develop and implement policies, standards and guidelines related to corporate security.
Trains security personnel on safety practices and methods used to detect fraudulent activities.
Evaluate, assess and analyse performance of security personnel.
Interacts with local law enforcement agencies as required.
Prepares daily and periodic reports to Management regarding activities
Must be able to deal with various levels of personality traits and maintain self-control.
Must conduct oneself in a professional and efficient manner during interaction with people.
Must have integrity and basic desire to protect and serve.
Evaluate suspected security breaches and recommend corrective actions
Must prepare written statements and investigations in a logical and grammar correct manner.
Must be able to work any shift including weekend, night and holidays; and/or work extended hours if required.
Must be self-motivated and willing to work with others.
Maintain all security devices and products in good working condition.

Ensure compliance of applicable policies and regulations while implementing security measures.

Job Qualification

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Job Category
Security, Intelligence

Method of Application

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