Urgent: COOPI - Cooperazione Internazionale needs a Base Logistician (Yobe)

Italian Non-Governmental Organization (non-profit NGO) with more than 50 years of humanitarian aid experience globally. COOPI Nigeria is working in Yobe State to tackle the effects of the food crisis and sustain the IDP households and their hosting communities through a multi-sectorial intervention covering food assistance, child protection and nutrition.

Job Title: Base Logistician in Potiskum (Yobe)

Job Description
  • The Base Logistician will support the project activities with the aim to improve the living conditions of the IDPs and their hosting communities, throughout five different LGAs of Yobe State, Nigeria. 
  • He/She supervises the overall organization and follows up of the Field Base in terms of surveillance, maintenance/construction, material & equipment Management, fleet/movements’ management, and management of his/her team. 
  • He/She works under the direct supervision of the Logistics Manager & SSFP and the direct coordination of the Head of Base. 
  • He/She should be available for occasional punctual support to projects in the field as well as emergencies as needed. 
  • Security management and surveillance of COOPI premises 
  • Ensures security procedures are set-up and followed in all COOPI premises in Yobe State (water security, food stocks in case of emergency, correct electrical installations, fire extinguishers serviced, etc.) 
  • In close collaboration with the Head of Base, He/She collects and organizes data for the Security Weekly SitRep. 
  • In close collaboration with the Head of Base and the Logistics Manager & SSFP, He/She defines/updates the project security policy, implementing the technical aspects of the risk reduction policy and the technical feasibility of the evacuation plan, in order to ensure staff`s security. 
  • In close collaboration with the Base Finance Officer, He/She ensures the constant supply of consumables for the house and the office: kerosene, gas bottles, hygiene products, weekly food in the guest house, watchmen supplies, fuel, stationary, etc. Maintenance/Construction 
  • Responsible for all repairs and construction on premises from project conception, design, quotation, cash request to Logistics Manager & SSFP and validation, to negotiation and preparation of logistic contracts (security company and fleet rental), to supervision of works and contract management. 
  • Ensures correct procedural follow-up for all daily workers and ensures quality. 
  • Control and checks every month the general state of the buildings (wall crack, windows, doors, stairs, locks, ceiling, furniture, roof, electricity, pipes, pump, water tank…) and propose repairs and technical upgrade to the Logistics Manager & SSFP including costs and timeframe. 
  • Make sure water always available in good quantity and quality in the house and offices.
  • Undertake minor repairs himself (U-bend, sink, toilets, doors, pad lock etc…). 
  • Control presence of rodent, snakes, insects or any vectors and take appropriate measures to eliminate them. Material Management 
  • Cares for the COOPI-Potiskum equipment and materials, promptly reporting any breakdown or malfunctioning. 
  • Responsible for Potiskum Base equipment inventory and monthly updates. 
  • Fills-in the follow-up sheets for generator use and fuelling. 
  • Ensures the supply of diesel, make sure that buffer stock is always ready, minimum of 100 litres in the base. 
  • In close cooperation with the UNICEF Project Manager, the ECHO Project Manager and the FAO Project Manager, He/She is responsible for the technical and security assessments of all warehouses and distribution sites. 
  • Responsible for receiving, checking, registering, storing, and dispatching supplied goods from Suppliers. 
  • Identifies problems and proposes action for repairs and adjustment to Logistics Manager & SSFP. Fleet Management 
  • Follows and organizes vehicle movements in, around and out of Potiskum (including vehicles travelling Potiskum- Abuja, Potiskum-Geidam and Potiskum-Maiduguri). 
  • Manages the fuel consumption for Potiskum vehicles and submits updates to the Logistics Manager & SSFP at the end of each week. 
  • Supervises drivers and applies COOPI driving standards and regulations ensuring safe driving.
  • Responsible for the phone contact and follow-up with the teams dispatched to the field locations, including during weekends. Reports status of the traveling staff / equipment to the Logistics Manager & SSFP. HR Management (maintenance officers, watchmen, drivers, cleaners, cooks) 
  • Supervises all maintenance works. 
  • Responsible for the rosters of the drivers and the watchmen. 
  • Ensures that the rosters are respected and reports the attendance of the staff to the Administration. 
  • Ensures that all staff under his supervision respects their job description and work plan. 
  • Reports any breach of conduct or any breach of COOPI Internal Regulations to the Administration.

Location: Potiskum, Yobe

Method of Application

E-mail applications inclusive of: - CV (max 3 pages) - Cover Letter (max 1 page)
Scanned copies of University Degrees (originals to be presented if shortlisted) shall be submitted to the address hr.nigeria@coopi.org specifying in the e-mail object: “Application for Base Logistician in Potiskum”Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.


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