Massive Recruitment at Hallmark University

Hallmark University, a Federal Republic of Nigeria Government licensed University established by the Vivian Fowler Trust Foundation, is the culmination of the ideas, experiences and vision of Chief Dr. (Mrs.) Leila Fowler, the force behind the Foundation.
Hallmark University is situated on a 110-hectare parcel of land in Ijebu-Itele along the Shagamu-Ore expressway in Ogun State, Nigeria.

Applications are hereby invited from suitably qualified candidates to fill the following positions below:
1.) Horticulturist II
2.) Assistant Coach
3.) Security Officer II
4.) Senior Architect
5.) Higher Technical Officer
6.) System Analyst/HEO
7.) Web Technician
8.) Principal Engineer
9.) Network Programmer
10.) Laboratory Scientist
11.) Graduate Nursing Officer
12.) Graduate Medical Officers II
13.) Graduate Laboratory Assistant
14.) Graduate Technologist II
15.) Graduate Medical Officers I
16.) Graduate Library Officer
17.) Higher Library Officer
18.) Higher Executive Officer (Internal Audit)
19.) Senior Internal Auditor
20.) Graduate Office Assistant
21.) Graduate Executive Officer (Bursary)
22.) Graduate Clerical Officer
23.) Graduate Accountant II
24.) Graduate Accountant I
25.) Confidential Secretary II
26.) Confidential Secretary I
27.) Personal Secretary II
28.) Senior Accountant
29.) Graduate Executive Officer (Registry)
30.) Higher Executive Officers (Registry)
31.) Graduate Administrative Officers I
32.) Graduate Administrative Officer II
33.) Assistant Registrar
34.) Bursar
35.) Graduate Assistant Lecturers (Zoology)
36.) Graduate Assistant Lecturers (Physics)
37.) Graduate Assistant Lecturers (Industrial Chemistry)
38.) University Librarian
39.) Graduate Assistant Lecturers (Information & Communication)
40.) Graduate Assistant Lecturers (Computer Science)
41.) Librarian II
42.) Graduate Assistant Lecturers (Biochemistry)
43.) Graduate Assistant Lecturers (Marketing)
44.) Graduate Assistant Lecturers (Economics)
45.) Lecturer II (Zoology)
46.) Lecturer II (Physics)
47.) Graduate Assistant Lecturers (Business Administration)
48.) Graduate Assistant Lecturers (Banking & Finance)
49.) Lecturer II (Industrial Chemistry)
50.) Lecturer II (Information & Communication)
51.) Graduate Assistant Lecturers (Accounting)
52.) Lecturer II (Computer Science)
53.) Lecturer II (Biochemistry)
54.) Lecturer II (Marketing)
55.) Lecturer II (Economics)
56.) Lecturer II (Business Administration)
57.) Lecturer II (Banking & Finance)
58.) Lecturer II (Accounting)
59.) Lecturer I (Accounting)
60.) Lecturer I (Banking & Finance)
61.) Lecturer I (Business Administration)
62.) Lecturer I (Economics)
63.) Lecturer I (Marketing)
64.) Lecturer I (Biochemistry)
65.) Senior Lecturers (Accounting)
66.) Lecturer I (Computer Science)
67.) Senior Lecturers (Banking & Finance)
68.) Lecturer I (Information & Communication)
69.) Senior Lecturers (Business Administration)
70.) Lecturer I (Industrial Chemistry)
71.) Senior Lecturers (Economics)
72.) Senior Lecturers (Marketing)
73.) Lecturer I (Physics)
74.) Senior Lecturers (Biochemistry)
75.) Senior Lecturers (Computer Science)
76.) Lecturer I (Zoology)
77.) Senior Lecturers (Information & Communication)
78.) Senior Lecturers (Industrial Chemistry)
79.) Senior Lecturers (Physics)
80.) Senior Lecturers (Zoology)
81.) Readers (Zoology)
82.) Readers (Physics)
83.) Readers (Industrial Chemistry)
84.) Readers (Information & Communication)
85.) Professor (Zoology)
86.) Professor (Physics)
87.) Readers (Computer Science)
88.) Professor (Industrial Chemistry)
89.) Readers (Biochemistry)
90.) Professor (Information & Communication)
91.) Professor (Computer Science)
92.) Readers (Marketing)
93.) Professor (Biochemistry)
94.) Professor (Marketing)
95.) Professor (Economics)
96.) Readers (Economics)
97.) Professor (Business Administration)
98.) Professor (Banking & Finance)
99.) Readers (Business Administration)
100.) Professor (Accounting)
101.) Readers (Banking & Finance)
102.) Readers (Accounting)
103.) Clerk

Location: Ogun

Candidates must possess relevant qualification in a similar field.

Hallmark University runs a unique remuneration package (HUTISS) which is comparable to what obtains in other tertiary institutions.

Method of Application
Interested and qualified candidates are required to submit 20 type-written copies of their applications and Curriculum Vitae, giving information in the following format:
Full names with surname in capitals
Date of birth, town and state of origin
Current postal address including GSM telephone number and E-mail address
Permanent home address
Marital status
Names and ages of children
Institutions attended with dates
Academic qualifications
List of publications in details
Working experience
Present employment, status, salary and employer
Extra-curricular activities

Names and addresses of 3 referees, who should forward their reports under confidential cover directly to the “Registrar, Hallmark Univeristy, Ijebu-Itele”.

Applications should be submitted under confidential cover in seated envelopes marked: “Post of (Job Title)” to:

The Registrar,
Hallmark University, Ijebu-Itele


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