Oil and Gas; International Programme for Juniors (VIE) at Total

Total is the fifth largest publicly-traded integrated oil and gas company in the world, with 100,000 employees in more than 130 countries worldwide. Our size and performance rank us as one of the top five global oil companies. "We are among the majors that invest the most in exploration. More importantly, our teams are highly motivated. They have a real pioneering spirit we must keep cultivating

Job Title:
International Programme for Juniors (VIE)

Job Description
VIE will work in the Technical Department to monitor the following projects:
  • Implementation of hybrid diesel/solar installations in service stations network (50%)
  • Calculation and installation of hybrid diesel/solar generators for professional customers (30%)
  • Installation of domestic solar solutions (10%)
  • Calculation and installation of hybrid solar/diesel generators for telecom antennas (10%)
Electrical engineering school graduate (Supelec / ESME-Sudria or equivalent) with specialty in renewable energy including photovoltaic

  • Project management
  • Low tension electrical engineering
  • Hybrid installations Diesel/solar
  •  Energy storage technology 
  •  Off-Grid
  • MS Excel (advanced), Autocad, Homer (or PVsyst or equivalent)

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