10 Things Your Colleagues at Work Do That Make You Want To Quit Your Job

To be honest, working day in day out with the same co-workers is just like staying with roommates

You would have to share the same work space with them for hours on a daily basis and for years. No matter how cordial your relationship is with your colleagues, you will definitely want to create a conflict-free zone that enhances mutual respect.
This requires compromising.

These are 10 things that drives us nuts with our co-workers.

1) When they ruin an impeccably good kitchen appliances in the breakroom.

2) When they say, "My door is always open, you can come in anytime" but do everything possible to dodge human interaction.

3) When they come to work with flu and then spread the germs everywhere.

4) When they have lousy and loud private conversations within earshot.

5) When they schedule an early morning meeting on a Monday morning and don't even offer free breakfast.

6) When they agree with you to a deadline, but then suddenly decide to move it up at the last minute.

7) When they use pop culture references every other minute that no one get. 

8) When you go to the breakroom to retrieve your favorite meal, but someone beat you to it.

9) When you are zealous about a project, but it's apparent that some people just don't care.

10) When you can't focus because they're busy pounding away on the keyboard.


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