Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc (Agricultural Manager)

Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc was incorporated in September 1960 as a private limited liability company, and commenced operations in 1962 with an installed capacity of 600 metric tons per day. The Company was converted to a public limited liability company in 1978, and its shares were subsequently listed on The Nigerian Stock Exchange.

Job Title: Agricultural Manager


  • The incumbent will manage up to 10,000Ha of sugar plantations in the development and operational phases. 
  • He will be responsible for developing the land and support infrastructure for the establishment of new plantation. 
  • His scope of responsibility will fall under both administrative and operational functions.

  • Budget formulation taking into account capital costs, including infrastructure, buildings and plant and equipment demand and depreciation; operational costs, indirect costs including repairs and maintenance and transport and overhead costs;
  • Budget control by allocating Project and Job cost centres, and expense drawdown on each cost centre on a weekly basis from source records, including inventory and cashbook in order to track expenditure;
  • Financial reporting on a weekly basis showing updated budget-actual expenditure;
  • Formulation of the plantation organization structure and establishment of a sound Human Resources establishment;
  • Establishment of an inventory system using stock codes that is continually updated in a live document that can generate reports on a daily basis stating stock balances and value;
  • Finalising capex schedules for approval and procurement after satisfying the requirements for an exhaustive analysis of prices and market options;
  • Monthly reporting to the executive on budget-actual performance on budget and operations, as well as highlighting key performance indicators.
  • Formulation of a high-level operational plan in the form of a Gantt chart which follows on from the budget Project and Job cost centres;
  • Establishment of a day-work plan setting out targets for all current jobs according to the Gantt chart;
  • Establishment of a weekly report back system from department managers on each day-work plan plotting actual against target;
  • Analyzing resource performance for fuel, labour and implement maintenance.;
  • Establishment of a sound supervisory standard through implementation of training programs through the HR department;
  • Definition of the scope of responsibility for the sub-ordinate managers for technical services and fields, and putting in place systems to capture agronomic operations and repairs and maintenance of plant and equipment with respect to the required standard and quality of work;
  • Enlisting the services of outside consultants for engineering design, tenders and environmental assessment studies.
  • Establishing estate infrastructure including housing, fencing roads and provision of utilities for water and electricity.
  • Set up and maintain a security system for the estates.
  • Overseeing the rehabilitation and expansion of processing facilities.
  • This list of responsibilities is not exhaustive. The incumbent will be expected to work on his own with a mandate to develop the plantation to economically productive levels.
Location: Nigeria

Closing Date
Not Specified 


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