Oil and Gas: Assistant Business Development Manager at Aldelia Nigeria

Aldelia was founded in 2005 by Cedric Filet, and was initially a London based staffing and project services agency, focused on the International Oil and Gas industry in which both have considerable knowledge and experience. His vision was to create a company marked out by its energy, commitment to quality and entrepreneurial spirit that could be trusted absolutely by its clients.
Aldelia Group have expanded rapidly and is now a leading provider of Manpower and Talent Management solutions, recruitment, payroll and taxation management, mobilisation and outsourced manpower services. The group is headquartered in London, with regional headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, Lagos, Dubai, and more recently in Basra and Erbil with further satellites in Paris and Singapore.

Job Title: Assistant Business Development Manager (BDM)


  • To assist the Business Development Manager (BDM) to ensure that company’s business targets are met 
  • Supervise Business Development Executives (BDEs) to ensure that Business Development Processes are followed and unit goals are met.


  • Exhibit sound knowledge of the company’s business strategy.
  • Exploit opportunities to sell company’s services/products.
  • Exhibit sound knowledge of company’s offerings and coach BDEs in order to bring them up to speed.
  • Meet sales targets
  • Ensure that profiles are built for our customers by identifying immediate and long term goals.
  • Collate client-specific intelligence and map out ways of relating with them.
  • Generate request for quote on your assigned accounts and encourage other BDEs to do so on their accounts.
  • Effectively manage the accounts assigned to you to ensure sales targets are met and also supervise other BDEs to ensure they do the same.
  • Ensure full payment for all supplies and services
  • Reconcile customers’ accounts and ensure proper documentation
  • Prospect for and acquire new and financially viable high volume customers
  • Identify and recommend as most appropriate, technical assistance for key customers
  • Provide regular updates on plans and progress in your accounts and on other accounts in the unit.
  • Demonstrate consistent business development success and target – driven achievement
  • Build customer profile by identifying immediate and long term goals
  • Define strategy for relating with each customer group and create a Customer Relationship Plan per group
  • Generate Request for Quotation (RFQ) and Purchase Orders (PO) on your assigned accounts and ensure other BDEs do the same on their accounts.
  • Effectively manage each customer account to ensure sales targets are fully achieved
  • Collate and communicate business intelligence
  • Assist in the preparation of tenders where necessary
  • Be aware and responsive to threats to our business goals.
  • Prepare up to date reports on activities in the unit and agree on ways forward with the BDM.
  • Exhibit sound business report writing skills and coach other team members to do the same.
  • Attend presentations to and negotiations with prospective clients.
  • Assist the BDM in preparing reports for the monthly management meeting.
  • Represent the BDM at meetings as delegated.


  • A graduate
  • Minimum of five years relevant experience in Upstream Oil and Gas Service doing business development/sales.
  • Super contacts in the IOCs, EPCs and E&P companies.
  • In-depth understanding of Business Development/Technical Sales in the Upstream sub-sector of Nigeria’s oil and gas industry
  • Analytical skills to define and solve problems.
  • Excellent relationship management skills.
  • Excellent intelligence gathering skills.
  • Good documentation skills.
  • Proven tenders preparation knowledge.
  • Passion to deliver
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Excellent written, presentation and oral communication skills
  • Analytical skills to define and solve problems.
  • Good people management skills.
  • Integrity
  • Good multi-tasking skill.
Location: Lagos, Port Harcourt


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