Professional School Administrator at an International Schools

An International Schools, is urgently recruiting qualified candidates for immediate employment into the vacant position below:

Job Title: Professional School Administrator


  • Responsible for the operation and instructional leadership at elementary and secondary schools. 
  • Trains and supervises staff, sets instructional objectives, and works to build a rapport with parents.

  • Manage day-to-day activities at an elementary or secondary school.
  • Create instructional resources for use in the classroom.
  • Develop academic programs.
  • Monitor students and teachers for progress.
  • Train, encourage, and mentor teachers and other staff.
  • Manage career counseling.
  • Administer record keeping.
  • Supervise teachers, counselors, librarians, and other support staff.
  • Maintain rapport with parents.
  • Handle tours and marketing.
  • Prepare budgets and annual reports.
  • Work actively with teachers to maintain high curriculum standards.
  • Formulate mission statements.
  • Establish performance goals and objectives.
  • Explain or answer procedural questions.
  • Hire, train, and evaluate teachers.
  • Visit classrooms and observe teaching methods.
  • Examine learning materials.
  • Review instructional objectives and adjust accordingly.
  • Meet with other administrators, parents, and community organizations.

You will need to have:

  • Strong interpersonal skills to help you relate to students, academic staff, teachers, senior managers and colleagues in other areas of education administration;
  • Excellent written communication skills;
  • Team working skills and the ability to work alone without supervision;
  • The ability to deal positively with change;
  • Experience in organizing, prioritizing and managing your time effectively;
  • IT skills in areas such as word processing, spreadsheets, databases and the internet as well as the use of social media;
  • A flexible approach to work.

  • A Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field
  • A post graduate degree (ongoing) in Education.
  • Over 7 years’ experience in school administration at a UK curriculum school
  • Professional certification would be an added advantage
Skills and Experience
  • Teaching Curriculum Development 
  • Educational Leadership 
  • Tutoring Curriculum Design 
  • Classroom Management 
  • Educational Technology 
  • Special Education 
  • Teacher Training Secondary Education Organizational Development 
Location: Nigeria 


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