6 Best Research Apps for iPads

Decades ago, carrying out academic research is a time consuming and daunting task. Students have to visit libraries to consult journals, textbooks and encyclopedia. Due to the internet, researching for academic papers and getting content writing assistance is no longer complex like before. Your article needs are handled by the best hands at customwritings.com.

Here are some apps that can be installed on mobile devices, especially iPads to research anytime and at anywhere.

1. Pubget
Pubget is basically an educational app that supplies full text journal articles and PubMed to your iPad. These resources can be read as PDF or saved. Users can conveniently search for saved papers in the app library to read online or offline. It is synced with around 450 libraries globally. While some papers can be freely accessed, others must be subscribed for.

2. Evernote
As we all know that researching involves processing lots of information in order to get the important ideas, Evernote is a great app that simplifies this process. Evernote web clipper is a feature in the app that helps with saving and tagging online journals and web content. Another amazing functionality of Evernote is the ability to sketch graphs, diagrams, tables and charts. The app can be used to create fresh notes for each topic, record meetings with project mates or supervisor and share notes with other users.

3. InstaGrok
This app is a search engine that is developed for educational purposes. It can be used to carry out research on any topic. Only relevant information will be displayed with full details. A concept map known as ‘grok’ is useful for pinning interesting materials that are discovered on the web. Notes can also be taken with a journal in the app. Other features of Instagrok include easy sharing, glossary of terms, definitions and quizzes.

4. Wikipedia 
Wikipedia is a free app that assists in obtaining the background information regarding any topic when starting a research. So much information on any topic is readily available on the app. All information, citations and facts must be double checked when using the app.

5. Google Drive 
One safe app to keep all your files is Google Drive. About 15GB of storage is available for users. The app has an option that allows users to convert text to PDF. Once the file is converted, editing can be carried out within Google Doc that has a clean interface. Documents, videos, audio and photos can be accessed at any time.

6. Scanner Pro
Without gainsaying, Scanner Pro remains the best app for scanning and saving paper documents in PDF format. All formats of paper are scanned digitally. To use the app, users must take the picture of the paper with their iPad camera and allow the inbuilt technology to perfect it. Scanner Pro is developed in such a way that it automatically recognizes the specific corners and edges of a document. After scanning and saving the document, users can share them via email and upload to Google Drive or Dropbox.


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