Graduates: Standard Chartered (Business Development Executive) - Port- Harcourt

We're a leading international bank, with more than a 150-year history in some of the world's most dynamic markets.We bank the people and companies driving investment, trade and the creation of wealth across Asia, Africa and the Middle East.With 1,600 branches and offices in 70 countries, we offer exciting and challenging international career opportunities.

Job Title:Business Development Executive, Port- Harcourt (2 years Fixed Term Contract)


  • Engage NTB clients who are employees of corporate with whom RC has done a deal with an institution either mandate or right to market (primarily CC/CIC / Non-client EB corporate)
  • Engage via on-site marketing/ events or appointments
  • Ensures that the applications meet the required standard.
  • Perform Dectica AOC checks (where applicable) on applications submitted for review.
  • Ensure the anomalies / errors / omissions are attended to before submitting the application to Loan Centre for further review / processing.
Connect & explain

  • Connect with identified employees of EB corporate (based on opportunities set up by RMs )
  • Explain proposition & requirements in full
Sources of leads

  • Employee Banking RM
  • Existing EB customers

Prepare & set up on site presence

  • Collect all documents required for account opening and product requirements

Meet, acquires basis need based conversations

  • Meet in person (ensure Priority RM joins where required)
  • Determine further needs
  • Complete sales process for product set up
  • Educate and conduct initial set up for online, ATMs, Client Centre, and Branch

Activate (remote)

  • Product/process fulfilment
  • Pass on referrals/leads of other products to respective specialists


  • Graduate
  • Open to fresh graduates
  • Knowledge of Port Harcourt Environs
Location: Port Harcourt 


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