Senior Contracts Engineer at WTS Energy

WTS Energy is the leading Consultant/Manpower Supply company to the international Oil, Gas and Energy industry. We supply Consultants to the Projects and Operations of our Clients. We also perform Outsourcing Services like Project Recruitment Campaigns and Workforce Management in Oil and Gas regions around the world. We operate globally with offices in 16 countries, supplying the International Oil, Gas and Energy industry with professional personnel.
We offer hands on support to our consultants in every region in which they work. We provide the best people to Upstream, Midstream and Downstream projects and operations.

Job Title: Senior Contracts Engineer- Drilling & Completion


  • Take the necessary measures to avert immediate threat of danger.
  • Exercising caution as necessary to avoid danger to persons, installations and ensure that effective safety and security procedures for personnel and equipment are being adhered to.
  • Ensure that all local contracts personnel under his/her supervision is in line with the company’s standardized norms and codes of conduct
  • Liaises with other teams and participates to the processes and communication of the contracts entity by performing the following tasks
  • Work closely with the DUET counterpart to create the contracts dossier, develop a clear definition of contractual responsibilities and discuss the agenda including:
  • Validation of contracts strategy
  • Negotiation and analysis of commercial bids
  • Participation in recommendations to award
  • Participate in the OPS/CA CATMAN network
  • Ensure that all insurance issues of company assets and personnel are dealt with
  • Supervise and train contract engineers and Graduate contracts engineers
  • Define the workload of his/her team
  • Manage his/her team’s performance by implementing and monitoring local KPIs
  • Ensure the update of the contracts management tool
  • Keep informed of best practices in contracts procedures in other entities and affiliates for improvement of contracts practices in his/her affiliate
  • Participate in Recommendation to award (RTA) through contract committee/DOA and award validation where he/she evaluates RTAs
  • Handle the approval from authorities and partners, clarification of rights and obligation of signing parties and the signature process of formal documents
  • Ensures that own contracts are created and managed in UNISUP and CONTIKI, ensure effective use of tools and systems (Ariba, NIPEX, REX+, CONTIKI.) for optimum productivity.
  • Ensure the handover of contracts to the Métier Partner.


  • A degree in Engineering, Management or Social Sciences
  • A background in drilling and Membership of relevant professional bodies in the Supply Chain and in Operational functions will be an added advantage.
  • Up to 12 years’ experience in oil well construction activities of which 5 should be in contract administration.
  • Demonstrable general knowledge and understanding of commercial, legal and insurance issues affecting the company in general.
  • Good command of English language and excellent communication skills.
Location: Nigeria 


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