Consultancy Role at i+consortium

i+consortium, which comprises international and local organizations is responsible for the establishment of functional Logistics Management Coordinating Units (LMCU) and deployment of Logistics Management Information System (LMIS) tools at State and LGA levels.
The consortium will be supporting the National Product Supply Chain Management Program (NPSCMP) within the Food and Drugs Services (FDS) Department of the Federal Ministry of Health (FMoH) in achieving its set objectives of having a streamlined, cost effective and ultimately more sustainable National Pharmaceutical Supply Chain. The current procurement and supply management system is mostly parallel and with a lot of challenges. Efforts are being put in place under the Nigeria Supply Chain Integration project (NSCIP) to integrate the supply chains of the different programmes- Malaria, Tuberculosis, HIV, and Reproductive Health & Vaccines where appropriate to make them more effective and efficient.

Job Title: Engagement of LMIS / Facility Audit Capability Specialist

The LMIS / FAC consultant shall coordinate a comprehensive FAC assessment under the guidance of the International LMCU Lead Expert who will represent the i+ consortium while working hand in hand with the National coordinator and Project Managers of the Nigeria Supply Chain Integration Project. The execution as follows but not limited to;
  • Effectively map out a detailed system capacity assessment plan, course of action, and timeline for the FAC assessment with guidance from the International LMCU Lead.
  • Capture from various existing documents and sources the current practices and structures by the various programs (particularly ATMRHV), Partners & Principal Recipients and identify gaps to be filled
  • Liaise with Programs, Partners and Principal Recipients to understand and clearly articulate the interface between FAC and existing system and propose workable improvement options
  • Where applicable, provide technical lead for the teams to conduct field assessment and coordinate the assessment exercise.
  • Analyze the findings from the assessments, come up with recommendations to align existing system to NPSCMP structure / proposed FAC model for improved issue visibility
  • Develop a number of scenarios or approaches for next steps based on the findings of the assessment; these approaches must involve applying individualized and comprehensive facility performance tracking, intervention planning, emergency preparedness and continuous (cyclic) re-evaluation
  • Propose implementable risk management actions and identify critical support factors to follow up on the risk mitigation measures.
  • Perform any other task that may be assigned in this regard by the LMCU International Lead Expert, N SCIP Project Managers and National Coordinator of NPSCMP
  • A detailed report of the Assessment providing a full understanding of the interface between FAC and existing system capacity with clear recommendations for full implementation of the FAC
Duration of Contract 
The exercise is expected to last for 30 days as follows:
  • 1st week- Entrance meeting with LMCU International Lead Expert, development of detailed assessment plan with timelines
  • 2nd & 3rd week – Assessment exercise
  • 4th week- Analysis of findings from the assessment, preparation of report including recommendations
  • University degree in related field.
  • Formal supply chain training
  • A minimum of 10 years’ experience of end-to-end Supply Chain principles, practices and processes, including at least 3 years operational Supply Chain experience with LMIS, facility data audit processes within public health supply chain organizations.
In-depth knowledge and credible expert experience of elements of Supply Chain Management including:
  • Logistics Management Information Systems (LMIS)
  • Experience of Supply Chains (systems, stakeholders and networks) in developing countries, especially Africa.
  • Supply chain Performance management, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) at service delivery points
  • Knowledge of Supply Chain IT systems and potential benefits
  • Knowledge or experience of the Global Fund operations
  • Experience as operating as an technical advisor/ consultant conducting similar assessments in the past
  • Outstanding management, communication, facilitation and writing skills
  • Proven ability to manage multiple and complex technical teams
  • Proven ability to analyze, interpret and synthesize information/data from different sources
  • Ability to meet tight deadlines and to work effectively under pressure, including in a multi-cultural environment.
  • An excellent knowledge of English is required for this role.
Location: Abuja

How to Apply
Applicants should send their comprehensive Curriculum Vitae and cover letter in ONLY one attachment (MSWord document) explaining suitability for the job; to

  • Please indicate the full title of consultancy assignment applied for in the subject line of the email. Applicants are advised to provide their functional emails/mobile phone numbers on the application letter as well as three professional referees.  
  • Candidates must provide functional e-mail addresses and telephone numbers of the referees.  
  • Any application received after the stipulated date will not be accepted.


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