Recruitment Manager at Ascentech Services Ltd

Ascentech Services Ltd acts as a gateway to provide a wide range of recruitment and selection services to companies. We are a dedicated team of professional consultants offering top of the line executive recruitment and selection services.

Job Title: Recruitment Manager


  • Female
  • 3-4 years’ Experience
  • Graduate in HR and Bus Admin and other social siences cources
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent negotiation skills
  • Job Interviewing Skills
  • Managerial and leadership skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Social Media Knowledge
  • Training Skills
  • Develop and execute recruiting plans.
  • Network through industry contacts, association memberships, trade groups and employees.
  • Create job descriptions and employee specifications
  • Maintain, review and update human resource software applications
  • Supervise staff
  • Attend meetings, conferences and other appointments
  • Review, develop and implement policies and guidelines
  • Advise department managers and staff on labour laws and regulations
  • Design or review application forms and other HR documents
  • Approve prospective short lists and new hires
  • Perform job assessment and reviews
  • Conduct redundancy exercise
  • Learn about new regulations and legislations
Location: Lagos


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