First Responders at Rescue Technologies Limited

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Job Title: First Responder


  • Responsible for medical dispatch in company with ALS (Advanced life support) personnel, assisting at the scene of a medical event, en route to the hospital, while driving the ambulance in a safe and responsible manner.


  • Ensures that the vehicle and medical equipment is ready for use at the beginning of the shift and after every call; This includes: appropriate cleaning and disinfecting of the interior and exterior of the vehicle; appropriate cleaning and disinfecting of equipment; inspecting; restocking, and completing daily checklists of the vehicle and equipment; and performing routine maintenance.
  • Performs daily inspections of their base and/or station for cleanliness. Then performs the appropriate housekeeping duties to ensure their living quarters are clean, free from clutter and sanitary at all times.
  • In company of ALS personnel responds to emergency events using appropriate care and caution in accordance with Nigerian law & regulations, Company SOPP, and the principles of safe emergency vehicle operation. consistent with good judgment and the provision of high quality medical care in the ambulance, homes, hotels, offices, work sites and health facilities.
  • Accompanies ALS patients to their destination, continuing to provide appropriate care and patient advocacy until the responsibility for the patient has been transferred to an appropriate medical professional and a report has been given.
  • Acts at all times in the best interests of high quality patient care, and in such a manner to reflect credibly on RTL and the professional reputation of the company
  • Acts at all times with his/her personal safety in mind, as well as the safety of his/her partner, the patient, other medical personnel, bystanders, and any other public safety personnel present.
  • Adheres to Universal Precautions when dealing with patient contacts. Is familiar with and practices the Infection Control policies and procedures of RTL.
  • Perform any other task as may be required by management.
  • Completes all appropriate documentation and record keeping for every assignment; Co-signs ambulance case sheet for completeness.
  • Should be able to achieve the following medical and instrumentation requirement:
  • Use of AED
  • Simple airway management Use of a stretcher with other patient movement and extrication devices
  • Wound dressing
  • Emergency driving


  • CPR, First Aid, & Defensive driving.
  • Must be able to demonstrate capability, knowledge, and skill necessary to operate all emergency equipment such as ambulances, medical equipment, etc.
  • Sufficient hearing and vision to perform duties.
  • Must comply with all local, state, and federal laws pertaining to driving an ambulance
  • 3-5yrs working experience in similar position
  • Previous experience working on an Ambulance unit
Location: Lagos 

Method of Application
Applicants should send CVs to


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