State Immunization Consultant at United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)

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Job Title: State Immunization Consultant


  • To support Government of Nigeria in its goal of reducing vaccine preventable diseases through strengthening Immunization Systems by providing technical support to States' Ministry of Health in the area of polio eradication, other SIAs and routine immunization. 


  • Support implementation of the DL&HC and NLWG strategies and projects at the state, LGA and health facility level for the index year
  • Support the development of annual State work plans for EPI to ensure conformity with comprehensive Multi-Year plan (cMYP) and articulation of a well-defined action tracker for monitoring implementation
  • Support the implementation of quarterly State work-plans (social mobilization and vaccine security)   for EPI to ensure quality implementation and that the planned results are achieved on a timely and efficient basis
  • Support training of State/LGA staff and vaccination personnel in Health education, inter-personal communication, general social mobilization and cold chain/logistic activities especially in the context of immunization as a component of accelerated child survival
  • Collect and analyse (social and VSL) data especially from the LGA and State levels for specific trends/patterns and to guide social mobilization/VSL planning and implementation, particularly the design and implementation of micro-strategies for reaching the hard-to-reach, mobile and minority groups at the LGA and district levels.
  • Work directly and collaborate with the traditional leaders at community, ward/district and LGA levels for increased community participation and ownership of polio and routine immunization and strengthen partnerships with key allies including WHO, Rotary, NGOs, CBOs, faith-based , women and youth groups for more effective use of networks to promote behaviour change.
  • Participate in the planning and implementation of media communication activities and work with media groups and networks for coordinating UNICEF-supported EPI programmes, especially during SIAs
  • Prepare relevant analytical reports and draft changes to the 2 in one program work-plan as required. Monthly reports will be in 2 parts (one component for social mobilization and the other for vaccine security).
  • Assist LGAs in building two separate inventory systems for (i) cold chain and logistic equipment and (ii) communication equipment (e.g. megaphones, recorders, TV, and players), and IEC materials for effective health education.
  • Attend technical Co-operation State and social mobilization Committee meetings on EPI (including polio), prepare Notes for the Record, and undertake follow-up action and coordination related to program implementation and monitoring, particularly for social mobilization and VSL.
  • Undertake field visits to LGA and communities to assess progress, identify problems and propose remedial or alternative strategies or courses of actions to accelerate/improve quality of EPI   delivery in the assigned State
  • Facilitate, in coordination with UNICEF Field offices, the effective use of UNICEF funds (channelled through the Government departments) at the State and LGA levels.
  • Coordinate with UNICEF Field Offices and Partners on vaccine security issues and cold chain/logistic matters and in coordination with UNICEF Field offices, recommend the effective use of UNICEF logistic funds (channelled through the Government departments) at the State and LGA levels for Immunisation activities.
  • Carry out any other duties in support of UNICEF led Health interventions as assigned by Supervisors or authority of UNICEF Field Office.
  • Support the development of State Logistics Working Group (SLWG) Work Plans towards implementing the vaccine management standards and practices including bundling vaccines, maintaining stocks levels, preparing and following distribution plans of vaccine, devices and data tools for RI and SIAs and ensuring cold chain functionality and maintenance.
  • Review the temperature records of state cold stores and advocate for solving identified gaps such as ensuring timely repair and routine maintenance of cold chain equipment; backup generators are functional, adequate funds are provided to operate generator as required on continued basis and provide regular reports.
  • Ensure that computerized temperature monitoring devices, provided to stores are functional and maintained, and Temperature Monitoring and Control (TMC) systems are adhered to.
  • Facilitate the development of a State Action Plans for implementation of the Polio and other SIAs including MNCHWs in the target States and support their implementation
  • Facilitate tracking progress of implementation of the Effective Vaccine Management (EVM) improvement plans at state, LGA and health facility level by the SLWG
  • Serve as State technical advisors in cold chain management, delivery and distribution of vaccines for the polio eradication and routine immunisation.
  • Assist with the implementation of guidelines and norms regarding cold chain and safety of immunization services delivery.
  • Support the State team in ensuring timely planning and disbursement of funds to LGAs
  • Develop specific related vaccine security and logistics strategies for reaching the hard to reach, nomadic and minority groups in the high risk within the State.
  • Transfer of competences to State and LGA Cold Chain/Logistics Officers on VSL issues
  • Support capacity building of government and partners in Immunization with special emphasis on VSL taking into account the lessons learnt and new developments from the Effective Vaccine Management (EVM) processes and New Vaccine Introduction
  • Support capacity building of State cold chain officers on new cold chain equipment technologies, in light of GAVI CCE optimisation systems, for effective cold chain planning in respective states
  • Assist State/LGAs in building cold chain and logistics equipment inventory and efficient equipment management systems, utilize same for needs assessment and provide corrective trainings as the need arises
  • Support states in conducting trainings, supportive supervisions in vaccine management & logistics and cold chain maintenance
  • Provide regular comprehensive bottleneck analysis of stock, cold chain operational status and coverage (RI & SIA) of states and support states in implementing the innovative solutions on a monthly basis.
  • Support the CCO & SIO to be conversant with the use of Navision and ensure completeness and accuracy of the data therein
  • Coordinate with UNICEF Field Offices and Partners on vaccine security issues and cold chain/logistic matters and in coordination with UNICEF Field offices, recommend the effective use of UNICEF logistic funds (channelled through the Government departments) at the State and LGA levels for Immunisation activities.
  • Detailed monthly progress on outputs obtained during the month.
  • Collated status of vaccine stocks in approved formats
  • Status of cold chain
  • Consultant must submit a detailed work plan to his/her supervisor at the beginning of the contract period for the entire contract period.
  • Supervisors will have the flexibility to review with the Consultant as needed on a monthly or quarterly basis.
  • A monthly progress report should be provided by each Consultant to their supervisor for payment of Consultants fees.
  • A detailed assignment report will be required at the end of the current contract period.


  • Bachelor Degree in Business/Health/Material Management/Engineering or equivalent (minimal). Master's Degree in Public Health/Pharmacology, Business, or Engineering is an advantage.
  • Experience in managing cold chain system for vaccines or other related medical supplies and providing immunization services is desirable
  • At least 3 years progressively professional work experience with at least 2 years at providing technical support in the area of logistics, supply chain management, cold chain


  • Fluency in English
  • Proven ability to conceptualize, develop, plan and coordinate logistics activities as well as to transfer knowledge and skills.
  • Good analytical and negotiating skills.
  • Ability to work in an international or multicultural environment
  • Proficiency in computer applications including excel and PowerPoint
  • Ability to work as a team member
  • Ability to monitor progress, collect and analyze data, effect corrections and prepare reports.

Location: Nation Wide

Closing Date
24th January, 2017.



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