20 Stimulating Questions To Help You Select A Career or Major

What do you want to do for your career? What do you want to study?  Fortunately, it’s easier to clarify your goals than you might think. It starts by gathering details about yourself and your choice.
Identify missing information and clarify your next steps.Take some notes as you consider the stimulating questions below:

1) Are your hopes about being satisfied and success guaranteed? Are you worried about making the right choice? Are your thoughts about both the process and outcome accurate? Examining your expectations prevents you from making hasty choices or avoiding decisions.

2) If money and skill were not factors, what would be your dream job?

3) Have you visited your campus career center? Remember, you do not have to embark on the journey alone. Get in touch with them today for personal assistance.

4) What jobs, hobbies, co-curricular or service opportunities have you enjoyed?

5) How do your favorite movies, books and television shows illuminate your interests or values?

6) When have you felt a sense of pride? How do the skills you used to achieve these accomplishments relate to majors and careers?

7) If you won the lottery, but still needed to work, how would you spend your time?

8) What do you find yourself daydreaming about?

9) What are the pros and cons of your options? How are the alternatives alike and different?

10) What do you want to change about the world?

11) When you picture yourself on the job in the future, are you working with data, people, things or ideas?

12) What topics or courses have mesmerized you most?

13) Is graduate school required to advance or enter this career? If so, are you motivated to pursue additional education, and what are the prerequisite requirements of these programs?

14) How much money is enough? Use the salary information published by the Career One Stop to guide your desired standard of living against the earning potential of the occupations you are considering.

15) What does a typical day look like in the occupations you are considering? If you have not done so already, shadow professionals in the work environment.

16) What is your greatest challenge to pursuing your career goals? What resources are available to help you overcome this barrier? For example, if you are considering a non-traditional occupation, are there professional associations or mentors that can offer you support?

17) What do professionals like and dislike most about their work? Speak with others in the field to better understand the joys and challenges of the profession.

18) If your preferred occupation became outdated or does not work out, which alternatives appeal to you? Are there ways you can implement several suitable alternatives simultaneously? Parallel paths diversify your career portfolio and help you adapt to change.

19) What do others think about your decision and how do these perceptions impact your choice?

20) What factors are most relevant to you? Rank these aspects to help you assess the desirability of your options.


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