How To Make A Positive Impression And Also Stand Out From Other Applicants

What you may find is that your answer to "What can you do that is better than other candidates?" is critical to your success as a future employee. Showcase your professional nature during a job interview, and offer the interviewers a snapshot of your strengths to rise above the other applicants when answering interview questions.
Employers seek candidates who not only make a positive impression, but also stand out from the other applicants.

1) Rehearse Your Response
Employers seek candidates who can not only fulfill the job duties, but also mesh well with the company culture. Research the ins and outs of the company so you can adapt your response to their professional environment.  Foresee a question about what you can offer that other candidates can't at some point during the job interview, and thoroughly prepare your response.

Confidence is crucial when selling your skills during a job interview. Practice a 30-second elevator pitch that sells your skills but also shows your personable nature. A hiring manager is likely to ask you what unique skills and talents you have to offer. Show that you do stand out from the rest of the applicants with a response to this question that outlines your experience, skills and professionalism.

2) Stay Confident
Practically, you don't know anything about the qualifications of other applicants. When an interviewer asks what you do better than the rest, be honest, and discuss how your knowledge of candidates is limited. Show confidence in your own qualifications, and pay close attention to how you carry yourself when answering these types of interview questions.

Employers who see you wiggle during a job interview may begin to doubt your confidence. Market your experience, and use keywords from the job description when you explain how you possess exactly what the firm needs in a qualified employee.

3) Focus on Your Skills
Go one step further by offering specific examples of how you utilized these skills in the past. Reference projects you've completed, teams you've worked with in previous positions and clients who have been satisfied with your performance. Mention how these accomplishments can further impact the firm and create a work environment that's successful and profitable.

Although the potential employer already has a copy of your resume and cover letter prior to the job interview, provide a rundown of your skills, and connect each skill to qualifications the employer seeks. Show that you have the qualifications necessary for the job.

4) Answer With a Positive Attitude
Smile often, and focus on your professionalism to make a good impression. Interviewers ask tough questions during a job interview to evaluate how you handle pressure. Answer with grace, and keep a positive stature to show that you are not nervous and that you can confidently elaborate on your skills and qualifications. Keep body language to a minimum, and maintain eye contact with the hiring manager to show that a question that often makes applicants uncomfortable hasn't scared you.


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