Liaison Executives at NASFAT (Nasrul-Lahi-L-faith Society)

NASFAT (Nasrul-Lahi-L-faith Society) The quest for Islamic knowledge and brotherly association led to the forum where Muslims faithfuls came together to rub minds with learned Islamic scholars to know more about the religion favoured by Almighty Allah - ISLAM.

Job Title: Fuo/Nasfat Liaison Executive 


  • The Executive will serve as a bridge between fountain University Osogbo and its proprietor Nasrul-Lahi-L-fatih Society.


  • Understand the strategic direction of the FUO and provide inputs into the short term and long term strategic planning of NASFAT to ensure appropriate support for FUO
  • Have a mastery of the Strategic Vision and Plans of FUO, together with detailed knowledge of the expected roles of individuals, officers and groups in translating the plans to action
  • Serve as a linkage between FUO and NASFAT to enable timely, accurate and responsive communication between both parties
  • Positively advocate and champion the course of FUO amongst key stakeholders in NASFAT and drive improved support for student enrolment, infrastructure development, financial endowment and expansion of the programmes/courses offered at FUO
  • Maintain a database of contacts and positively champion the course of FUO in Lagos State including amongst private companies, business entities, individuals and the general community to improve their awareness of and support for FUO
  • Monitor the implementation of decisions taken by both FUO and NASFAT as related to FUO to improve the effectiveness of the relationships between both parties
  • Undertake the planning, arrangement and delivery of presentations to market and promote the programs of FUO to Secondary Schools, NASFAT Leadership, NASFAT Branches, notable youth organisations in Nigeria and other stakeholders
  • Conduct monitoring of the activities of other Universities in Nigeria and provide relevant feedback to Leadership of both NASFAT and FUO
  • Proactively identify risks to FUO amongst key stakeholders. escalate the risks to appropriate authorities and be part of actions to mitigate such risks
  • Play an active part in identifying and resolving issues amongst key stakeholders In NASFAT that may affect the image, reputation and operations of FUO
  • Shall work in the Registry of the Fountain University and can be deployed to other assignments as may be determined by the Registrar.


  • Be a successful, serving or retired academic, professional or captain of business with a minimum of Bachelor degree in any field.
  • Command the respect of majority of key stakeholders of both NASFAT and FUO
  • Have Influence in NASFAT and access to members of the 8oT, NCOE and NEC
  • Have an appreciation of the operations and challenges of the Nigerian Education sector and especially of the private university system
  • Possess the drive, ability and creativity to attract positive attention to FUO
  • Have high level of integrity, maturity, experience and energy compelling enough to bring diverse groups together in a collaborative manner and inspire them to act
  • Be a person of rounded character and a likable personality with excellent interpersonal relations and ability to forge strong partnerships between key stakeholders in FUO and NASFAT
  • Be articulate and have a track record of building, nurturing and sustaining productive relationships amongst diverse teams, partners and stakeholders
  • Have the ability to identify and explore new sources of support from foundations,  corporations, investors, and/or individual donors, and the skills required to secure  these resources through relationship building
  • Have the executive presence to inspire confidence and the passion, the persistence and the zeal to stay the course and realise stated goals.
  • Have strong analytical and writing skills, with complimentary ability to deploy figures and symbols to accentuate issues being canvassed
  • Have the gravitas, sophistication, eloquence and persuasiveness required to be the primary voice and face of the FUO in NASFAT, and the ability to interact skillfully and confidently with NASFAT Leadership and a wide range of third parties, to develop ideas, identify opportunities and influence outcomes favourable to FUO
  • Be self-driven, demonstrate initiative, and ability to work without close supervision.
  • Be goal-oriented and with a persistently strong desire to achieve and succeed.
  • Have outstanding oral and written communication skills
  • Be Resilient - calm in the face of conflict, criticism and crises
  • Be in excellent physical and mental health
  • Not be above 55 years of age at the time of  assumption of this role
  • Have a minimum of 15 years experience with at least 5 years of proven executive - level management.


  • Attractive and negotiable.

Location: Lagos

Closing Date
5th April, 2017.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should send their application and CV's to:
Written application to:
NASFAT Headquarters
6 Adebo Close,
Via Town Planning Way,
P.O, Box 16700
Lagos State.


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