Security Marine Manager at Fircroft Global

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Job Title: Security Marine Manager 


  • To manage and provide effective leadership across the security and marine (boat/ferry/barge/tugs and other marine craft) teams
  • To secure all Company locations and protect personnel to the requisite international standards
  • To ensure that resources in the Security and Marine Department are appropriately and efficiently allocated to key areas of work and that priorities are always covered adequately
  • To provide robust, effective and adaptive security for all the facilities and personnel of the Company and their clients
  • To control the departmental budgets properly and manage to achieve the best value for money
  • Identify and process all training needs promptly and undertake them at the appropriate time
  • Ensure that performance agreements, interim and main evaluations are undertaken within the set timescale
  • Manage personnel schedules so that there is adequate cover to maintain services at all times and use of personnel time is always optimise, including the marine side
  • Manage personnel so that teamwork and meritocratic attitudes are encouraged and performance and attendance issues are addressed at the correct time, in accordance with the Company's policies and procedures
  • Ensure that personnel carry out daily drills and other procedures to maintain high standards of work, discipline and focus, drills and procedures to be designed by the Employee and implemented after approval from their Line Manager
  • Ensure that personnel have correct equipment; uniforms; training etc.
  • Ensure that the Security Operations Manual is up to date for use by all on-site security, marine personnel and other visitors to the facilities who need to be informed

Security Breaches/Investigation 

  • Act as a focal point for any investigations involving security; to prepare reports and note follow-up action, in accordance with Company procedures.


  • Forward planning of facilities, equipment, information technology solutions, services, supporting infrastructure, personnel and other related items required for development and management of the Security and Marine Division.


  • Design and implementation of procedures required at all levels to enable the successful supervision, management and smooth growth and construction of the Security and Marine Division.

Management and Training Personnel 

  • Design and update the organogram for the Security and Maritime Division, including detailed job descriptions of all personnel required
  • Personally supervise the implementation of training programmes for all personnel
  • Manage the process of recruiting and hiring personnel
  • Control of own human resources including time management
  • Ensure all personnel adhere to highest international standards for HSE etc.
  • Application of company policies and procedures and legislation in respect of the treatment and management of own staff
  • Motivate and develop own staff


  • University Degree (2.1 or higher)
  • Preference will be given to candidates with military experience
  • Grades should be provided

Preference will be given to Candidates who

  • Can speak a second language
  • Have experience in the Offshore Oil and Gas industry, working with multinational companies/clients
  • Have worked in multinational / FTSE100 companies
  • The candidate's experience and academic record are paramount but it would be preferable if the candidate has international experience


  • Land and marine based security hands on experience and management
  • ISPS qualified (International Ship and Port Facility Security)
  • Trained in overseeing deployment of armed and unarmed guards
  • Trained in overseeing deployment of advanced technology for land and marine security
  • Trained in managing boat crews
  • Over 15 years' experience
  • Health Safety and Environment Standards

Location: Nigeria 

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