5 Quick Tips For Fighting Ageism In A Job Interview

Ageism in recruitment is an increasing problem, despite its illegality, and if you are an older worker, being proactive is the best way to ensure you get fair treatment. It is essential to stay positive and focus on your strengths during your job search.

 Below are five quick tips to ensure ageism doesn't stop you from getting the job you deserve.

1)  Show Your Enthusiasm
One of the best ways to fight age discrimination is by simply showing the employer your potential and how much you look forward to making a positive impact to the business after you are hired.
Every organization wants workers who bring passion and energy to the office each day. Show these traits at job interviews. Just because you have a lot of experience, doesn't mean you can't bring excitement to a new position.

Counter age discrimination during your job search by being aware of your rights, showing off your strengths and keeping your technology skills sharp. Never share your age with prospective employers, and consult professional help if you feel that you have been discriminated against.

2) Take Advantage of Recommendations
More years of work experience provides more reference possibilities. Take advantage of your longer work history by providing exceptional letters of recommendation that share your strengths.

Motivate your references to share your abilities to work well with people of all ages as well as the depth and breadth of your skills and knowledge. This will help eliminate any worries the employers might have about your age.

3) Know Your Rights
Keep an eye out for signs of discrimination, and refuse to answer questions that might make you a target. Take a close look at your resume, and make sure it doesn't include any references to your age or stage of life.

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act makes it illegal for employers to discriminate against those age 40 or older when making hiring decisions. Prospective employers cannot ask about your age or for other information that might signal that you are an older worker.

 If you see open signs of age discrimination at any point during the hiring process, call the organization out, and consult a human resources specialist or lawyer, if necessary, to assert your rights.

4) Keep Skills Up to Date
Most ageism takes place because employers are worried that older workers lack technology skills. Avoid fitting that stereotype by staying up to date on all the ways technology relates to your industry. Use technology in your day-to-day life.

Maintain professional social media accounts. Take a course if necessary to build your competency.

5) Focus on the Positive
As an older worker, you likely have maturity and wisdom that younger workers might lack. You have also had more time to acquire knowledge and fine-tune your skills. Feel free to brag a little during your interviews — having years of industry experience is an important selling point.

However, it's good to know your rights regarding ageism, it's also a good idea to expect the best. Make sure you present your strengths instead taking a defensive attitude. You need to sell yourself to get employed, so let employers know what a great asset you'd be to their organizations.


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