6 Steps To Enhance And Manage Your Online Reputation When Searching For A Job

In this civil environment, it is easy to intrude a company's or product's online reputation. A single annoying comment, even when it isn't necessary, can vandalize the product or its seller. When you are seeking a new job, a search of your online reputation and activity is part of today's standard corporate hiring due diligence. Things totally irrelevant to the level of your skills or the quality of your work can sway a company away from hiring you.

It is seriously important for you to manage what background checkers and hiring authorities can learn about you when they investigate your online presence. There are numerous reputation managing apps, programs and companies to which you can turn for help.

But even without them, you should think about taking the following steps to enhance and protect your reputation.

1)  Use Google Alerts to track yourself. Google Alerts lets you create as many alerts as you wish for different versions of your name, articles or blogs you author, or whatever else you want for free. As Google continually crawls the internet, it will alert you whenever any of your search items are found in a new posting or site, and give you the URL to check it out.

2) Consider deleting your posts on Facebook concerning politics. You never know the political leanings of the people who will be judging your fitness for a job, and how they might destabilize your chances of success if they disagree with your political statements.

3)  Make sure to check different ways you might be found online. Don't forget to also include your nicknames. See the places you are found online, and also what other people are saying about you. And if there is anything questionable or negative, do your best to track it down and get it removed.

4) Keep your LinkedIn posts professional. Some people put personal or non business-related posts or images on LinkedIn and other social network. LinkedIn is all about business networking, and failure to distinguish between the different sides of your life reflects on your judgment.

5) Carefully scrub your social media sites for anything that might shed a negative light on you. Get rid of pictures of yourself getting rowdy at bars, smoking marijuana (even if it is legal in your state), or doing anything that could be misinterpreted as malicious or socially unacceptable. Your posted activities and pictures can work against you, even if they are from your "off" hours or vacation time.

6) Make sure you have a solid online presence. Your LinkedIn profile should be complete, with a strong summary section and accomplishments associated with each of your jobs. Accumulate blog posts of interest to professionals like yourself, or those who work in your kind of business or industry. Pose intellectually interesting questions, or respond to queries from others to build up a body of material that will testify to your professional expertise and willingness to add value to the work of others.

Note: By utilizing yourself with these tactics, you are well on your way to presenting a positive, professional identity to the world.


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