Elastic Stack Volunteer at eHealth Africa

eHealth Africa designs and implements data-driven solutions and technologies to improve health systems for and with local communities. eHA’s technology works in low connectivity settings, and smartly uses data to drive decision-making by local governments and partner agencies to get optimum results.
We partner with governments, communities, non-profits and other stakeholders to generate holistic solutions, because we believe that every community deserves access to the types of tools that can enable them to lead healthier lives.

Job Title: Elastic Stack Volunteer


  • As an Elastic Stack Volunteer, you will leverage your Elastic Stack skills to help eHealth Africa improve health systems for and with local communities across West Africa.
  • eHA is committed to working with each Elastic Stack Volunteer to customize a tailored Elastic Stack work plan. We will work hard to ensure that these plans meet Volunteer's career development goals, their geographic areas of interest, and the public health objectives that they are most passionate about improving.

Elastic Stack Volunteer Example Projects Include:

  • Elastic Stack Technical Advisor, who leverages their Elastic Stack skills to improve eHealth Africa’s data analytics organization-wide.
  • Elastic Stack Mentor, who leverages their Elastic Stack skills to improve the capacity of eHealth Africa’s staff to utilize Elastic Stack to provide data analytics organization-wide.
  • Call Centers: Provide assistance updating eHA’s Call Centers’ application tools using the new analytic tools in Kibana and implementing Advanced Analytics into eHA’s Call Center application. Opportunity in Sierra Leone.
  • Hospital Medical Records: Help eHA implement Elastic Search and Kibana through a machine learning opportunity for our Hospital Medical Records System. Opportunities in Liberia and Nigeria.
  • Child Health and Mortality Surveillance Project: Create and upgrade an analytical platform to identify aggregate community reporting and laboratory data to support public health responses. Opportunity in Sierra Leone.
Location: Kano

Closing Date
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