12 Wrong Interview Answers That Will Not Get You The Job

Job interviews are easier for interviewers and the interviewees if you plan and prepare questions and answers, and use proper interviewing techniques. Below are just a few examples of interview answers that are best avoided at all costs and are most likely to NOT get you the job.

1: What is the accomplishment you are most proud of?
I have never kept track of my accomplishments. I have had so many over the past 10 years in every sphere of life be it educational or professional or otherwise, that matters are now mixed up in my head and I can no longer recall any specific achievement or accomplishment.

2:  What is your biggest weakness?
I have many weaknesses but I will only state the main one which is my tendency to forget rather quickly: I forget meetings, I forget tasks to be accomplished, I forget deadlines. Everyone recommends setting daily to-do lists but I honestly don’t believe in those. A good manager in my opinion shouldn’t and wouldn’t mind reminding his staff consistently of important deadlines and I am definitely looking for such a manager.

3: Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?
I will definitely be living on a deserted island somewhere, doing nothing but tanning and collecting seashells and pebbles. I definitely do not want to be working in 5 years time.

4: How do you work under pressure?
Unlike other professionals I know, I never panic under pressure. As a matter of fact, I once fell asleep while working late one night on a very tight deadline and I only woke up the next morning. True, I did miss the deadline at the time, but the important thing is I did NOT panic under pressure!

5: Why did you leave your last job?
I tend to get bored and lose interest in my assigned job responsibilities very easily: that’s the main reason why I changed 3 jobs during the past 2 years. I am always on the hunt for something new, fresh and interesting! I feel my employer completely owes it to me to keep the work environment and assignments fresh and new and exciting always.

6:  How was your relationship with your former bosses?
It was always on the rocks. All three of them were too demanding and never seemed content with my deliverables. It is true that I might have missed deadlines, more often than not, but it was all for a very valid reason: I wanted to deliver a job perfectly accomplished...And I did, just a little too late a little too often.

7: What interests you most in this position?
I am very interested in the position you have posted, mainly and almost exclusively because of the very attractive package.

8: How would you describe your relationship with your ex co-workers?
My relationship with my co-workers was just great. We were all on the same wave: Stand United as one… and mock the big Boss!

9:What is your biggest strength?
One of many of the strengths that I possess is my unbeaten ability to bend the truth without getting caught. I have done it before with clients and generated millions of naira in revenues for my ex-employer.

10: What is the most convenient time for your referees to be contacted?
Are you seriously considering getting in touch with them? Just so you know, the first one was deported from the country a year ago due to some illegal work he was doing on the side, and the other one’s grandmother passed away 6 months back and she has been going through a severe case of grief since then so I am not at all sure she is taking calls just yet!!

11: Why should we hire you?
I am the perfect fit for this position, mainly because I am willing to accept what no one else will (that is the lowest package you have to offer). I am knee deep in debts that I need to pay off. Without this job I would be in very serious trouble with the bank.

12: What are you mainly looking for in your next job?
As I have numerous interests outside of work which occupy a lot of my time and attention, I am mainly looking for a rather easy, undemanding job that does not require my full attention or my full energy and efforts and one that does not keep me busy at the office all day long.


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