Coimbra Group Universities Research Scholarship, Africa for Master, PhD

Eligibility Criteria

The main aim of this scholarship program is to enable scholars to undertake research in which they are engaged in their home institution and to help them to establish academic and research contacts. The scholarships are financially supported by the Coimbra Group member universities participating in this program, while the Coimbra Group Office is in charge of the administrative management of the applications.

Coimbra Group Universities have been providing, since 2008, young researchers from universities in Sub-Saharan Africa with the opportunity to spend a short period (generally 1 to 3 months) at a Coimbra Group University to carry out part of their research there.

The following Coimbra Group universities are participating in the 2021 edition of the scheme:

  1. University of Barcelona (Spain)
  2. University of Coimbra (Portugal)
  3. University of Cologne (Germany)
  4. Eötvös Loránd University (Hungary)
  5. University of Granada (Spain)
  6. University of Graz (Austria)
  7. University of Groningen (The Netherlands)
  8. Jagiellonian University Krakow (Poland)
  9. KU Leuven (Belgium)
  10. University of Montpellier 3 Paul-Valéry (France)
  11. University of Padova (Italy)
  12. University of Pavia (Italy)
  13. University of Poitiers (France)
  14. University of Salamanca (Spain)
  15. University of Siena (Italy)

Applicants should be:

  • Born on or after January 1, 1976;
  • Nationals of and current residents in a country in Sub-Saharan Africa;
  • Current staff members of a university or an equivalent higher education institution in Sub-Saharan Africa;
  • Preferably of doctoral/postdoctoral or equivalent status.

Eligible Countries

Open to all African countries except Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, and Tunisia (applicants from these countries are eligible under the Scholarship Programme for Young Researchers from the European Neighbourhood).




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