As our adventure evolves, we will continue to support local businesses, provide retailers with the necessary tools to thrive in today’s market, partner with industry stakeholders, and relentlessly pursue opportunities to help Africa’s economy grow. Our work has only just begun and although the current results are encouraging, we also realize that the road ahead is long and full of challenges. Regardless, we are excited about the opportunities that exist, the pathways we are creating, and the businesses we are building relationships with.

Job Position: Business Manager, Lending

Job Location: Ijora, Lagos

Job Description

  1. Manage a team of KYC and recovery agents
  2. Ensure timely KYC for requested stores/ supermarkets/restaurants/hotels and cafeterias.
  3. Digitize the KYC documentation.
  4. Conduct quantitative and qualitative assessment of customer’s business to ascertain credit worthiness.
  5. Institute recovery calls to ensure customers pay on time and conduct recovery in case of default.
  6. Submit daily, weekly, and monthly MIS and activity reports
  7. Design and implement incentive structures.
  8. Design and implement SOPS
  9. Liaise with functional teams to ensure smooth operations.

Job Requirements

  1. Good Knowledge of Microsoft office (Ms.Excel, Ms. Word, outlook etc) and Google sheet.
  2. Must have an android phone.
  3. Experience in FMCG, Microfinance/Lending/Recovery is a must.
  4. Open to travel as per job requirement.

You will be part of a:

  1. Culturally diverse team
  2. Aesthetically cool work environment
  3. Generally happy workforce.

Salary and Benefits

  • competitive salary
  • HMO, 13th month salary etc

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