WFM 91.7 MHz is a Nigerian gender sensitive and specialized radio station licensed by Nigerian Broadcasting Commission to broadcast programs for women and their family. It is the first female-oriented radio station in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Job Position: Product Management Expert

Job Location: Ogun

Job Description

  1. The project aims to increase the reach of Women Radio’s membership network to all 774 local governments in Nigeria, to increase visibility and listenership while sustaining programming.
  2. The project is to expand and strengthen the Women Radio community by optimising our approach and creating a platform where women across these regions will network, share businesses, and provide relevant community-centric content for Women Radio.
  3. The goal of the approach is to create two-way communication between WR and a cultivated community of loyal users that benefit the organisation by promoting Women Radio’s profile, providing a database of active audiences – a value set to advertisers – while they benefit from the organisation by having an input into programming, an opportunity to showcase businesses, etc.
  4. By amplifying the voices of women in the WR community, the organisation will strengthen its database of loyal listeners and will be able to monetise the community and digital products.
  5. Organize virtual events such as webinars and workshops to engage members and provide value and knowledge to members.
  6. Encourage members to share their own content such as blog posts, business flyers, their thoughts and also promote their business. Production of flyers for members to promote their business, we will create bespoke content that the community and other potential users can subscribe to monthly, and this will, in turn, generate more funds for the organisation.
  7. The project will create awareness for the membership network and expand its membership to a wider audience from different geopolitical zones in Nigeria. We will use our network to generate adverts targeted at women from different sectors and communities as we will have access to these women

Scope of Project

  1. This project over a period of 12 months seeks to increase revenue generation and brand visibility for Women Radio by engaging relevant experts to improve the quality of content creation, audience engagement, improving on digital imprints of the organisation, leveraging & enhancing Her products for better engagements with the audience and expanding on the Women Radio Membership Network.
  2. This project will be monitored in 4 phases with monthly reports:
  3. Phase one:
    • Review and evaluation of WR products baseline
    • Report on findings based on evaluation
    • Training of Women Radio staff on Product management based on findings
    • Attachment of a WR staff to expert for understudy
  4. Phase Two:
    • Outline of Strategies to expand Women Radio Membership
    • Strategies to create & introduce WR Newsletter
    • Introduction of WR Podcast, content streamlining & strategies to increase listenership
  5. Phase Three:
    • Marketing of WR Products and Network liaising with the Business Development Expert and Social Manager
    • Monitoring and evaluation of Newsletters and podcast
    • Audience feedback and improvement of products based on feedback.
  6. Phase Four:
    • Final report post-project to be submitted to the Project Director
    • Monitoring of assigned staff on capacity to monitor & improve products

Time Frame and Duration:

  • The project is to run over a duration of one year.

Job Responsibilities

  1. Create new products and develop the Company’s existing products i.e. Newsletters and Podcasts
  2. Define the product vision and success strategies for implementation
  3. Work closely with IT administrator, sales, marketing, and programmes to ensure content for products match audience demand and gain adequate positioning for revenue generation.
  4. Analyze audience needs, current market trends, and competitor analysis
  5. Drive the execution of all processes in the product lifecycle and ensure product success while liaising with relevant departments.
  6. Develop product positioning and niche for collaboration with other organisations for wide visibility leading to the birth of other products.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should send their CV to: hr@wfm917.com using the Job Title as the subject of the mail.

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