Survey54 gives organisations the ability to survey millions within Africa and emerging markets around the world. All done remotely and through the power of mobile. As an automated data platform we bring you closer to your consumers using mobile-led data collection methods and smart insights. We are on a mission to make consumer data in Africa and the emerging markets more accessible to everyone.


  • We are searching for a product manager to join the Survey54 team on a short term contract. As a product manager, you will work with our development team, to research, scope and build products that our customers will use. You will report to the CTO and CEO on product progress and strategy and research.
  • We are a team that is passionate about Africa and emerging markets and believe in that data is needed to better decisions.


  • Lead the vision and strategy, development, and launch of innovative products for engineers
  • Create a long term strategy for product development and road map
  • Create a product strategy for integrating quality signals with developer products such as IDE, code review tools and others.
  • Integrate market analysis, research and usability studies into product requirements
  • Work with CTO and Lead developer to meet deadlines and product delivery
  • UI/UX experience

Minimum Qualification

  • 2+ years of product management experience.
  • Experience defining vision and strategy for a technical product.
  • Experience going through full product cycle, integrating customer feedback into product requirements and driving prioritisation.

Preferred Qualification:

  • Experience developing social products, technologies and platforms.
  • BA/BS, Computer Science Degree or equivalent

Tagged as: Information Technology, Technical