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Job Position: Senior Analyst (Economics)

Job Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Job Description

  1. Why it’s important: Stears is on a journey to produce the gold standard of news analysis, data, and information on the continent. As the publication provides the most in-depth analysis on Nigeria’s business environment, the analyst responsible for covering this area will become a thought leader in Nigeria’s macro economy and development and lead our opinions and coverage on the future of the economy.
  2. What do analysts do: Our analysts work in the Insights team that produces in-depth content for paying subscribers. Our Insights team’s approach is to focus on identifying, understanding and explaining trends, transformations and patterns in the digital economy.
  3. You will spend some of your time discussing with the other economists, researchers & editors in the Insights team, a significant portion of your time researching the innovation ecosystem & fintech. However, you will spend most of your time writing long-form, analytical articles like Nigeria’s digital naira: how would it work and How the CBN knocked Rubies Bank. You may also spend some of your time working on special data projects like COVID-19 in Nigeria: State Index.
  4. Who you will work with: This role is part of the Insights team within the Intelligence division. You will report to the Editor in Chief. You will also work with other researchers, economists and writers in the Insights team. In addition to working with the core team of editors, you will work with other internal stakeholders, including the Head of Intelligence.

Job Responsibilities
Research & Analysis:

  1. Develop deep expertise by researching, understanding and applying mental models to analyze transformations, trends and developments that relate to the Nigerian Economy
  2. Develop and maintain a strong professional network of sources and contacts across the financial sector to generate insights and story ideas to share with subscribers.
  3. Monitor corporate, technological, economic, cultural, and transformational events within the Nigerian economy

Writing & Data Visualisation:

  1. Use data, analysis, quantitative and/or documentary material, as well as interviews, to explore all aspects of the varied industries in the Nigerian economy
  2. Produce long-form analytical articles that use a range of data visualizations (e.g. charts, graphs) to explore all aspects of the Nigerian economy on a weekly basis
  3. Work with the editorial strategy team to identify and lead on special projects (video, audio, surveys, reports, index, etc) focused on increasing audience engagement for subscribers from 52% to 80% by Q3 2022

Job Requirements
We are looking for someone with:

  1. At least 4 years of experience in economic trends, transformations and developments within the African continent
  2. Strong research skills to produce accurate and insightful analysis. Must also demonstrate the ability to apply mental models to support crisply-argued articles that analyze trends and developments in the Nigerian economy
  3. Must be able to collect, structure, analyze, interpret, or extract insight from raw data
  4. Ability to communicate complex information in three formats; written prose, data visualization and slides
  5. A creative mindset to generate and identify interesting and in-depth stories
  6. An interest in building a public profile in the innovation space
  7. Active networks and key contacts with leaders and stakeholders on economic issues, and policy.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should:
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